Saturday, January 2, 2010

Off to a Rough Start this Year, But its Improving

I can officially say I am feeling a bit better. I never thought Pneumonia would get the better of me. Up until this year I had not had so much as a cold in more than 6 years…I know I am really blessed…yes I have two very rare diseases and the complications that go with them…but you know something, God has given me the strength to survive those.

They do not control me, I survive them, yeah, I have bad days, even a few bad weeks…but for the most part, I still have MY life, my family, and While life is a struggle, and I cannot do a lot of things that normal people can do, I can do a lot that I need to do to survive…I do my best to not let it consume me, some days I spend a LOT of time in prayer to make sure that it doesn't, I cry a lot, God hears the cries of his children…. And if he didn't, where would I be?

Other days, I have it pretty good and actually feel a bit of relief and get something accomplished…this last 3 weeks I had pneumonia (ok I didn't know I had it until New Years Eve, but, it was there from December 16, 2009, when I started sounding like a smoker, but I have NEVER smoked, lol. I had another major fall on December 29, 2009 making it apparent that I needed to go to the doc, despite my fears. He was actually very understanding in my procrastination, apparently it's not uncommon for people with chronic illnesses to miss a new sickness because they are used to the other pain. I didn't notice the coughing and trouble breathing until I had drank a half bottle of Nyquil, and sucked down two bags of cough drops, and a box of Bengal Spice Tea (oh I could Drink that stuff forever, it's so spicy and yummy, but I wasn't clearing up)

Every cough was raising my pressure something terrible, and I was spending hours hacking, I sounded like a seal or a barking dog…My chest, neck and every part of me hurt. My poor doc went deaf trying to hear my lungs (stethoscopes magnify sound and every breath made me cough more) you take advantage of breathing and do not even realize just how important it really is.

He ordered Zithromax 5 days, and I have taken 3 days worth so far and its finally doing something. I will be able to go to church tomorrow, so exciting, I missed last week and I really felt aweful missing. I felt empty missing.


I am excited to be back to my usual…yeah, my usual isn't perfect, but you know what, I prefer not feeling like I am suffocating…I can deal with the headaches, vision abnormalities, falls, those things, I am not sure when or if they will get better, but I am adjusting to them being normal… God gives me strength to deal with them, it's funny how simple cold turned pneumonia was MUCH worse than the daily pain of a Squished Brain from Chiari and PTC. Most people would think it would be just the opposite.


2 Timothy 1:7 (King James Version)

 7For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

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