Friday, September 25, 2009

Headaches Out of Control

School is overwhelming, but I am happy to be there, I had an ethics exam on Wednesday and a Marketing project due Monday, but whats getting the better of me, MY HEAD...I have not had a break from the headaches since mid August when school started...I am trying to do things regardless of the pain but I am finding more often than not I just want to sleep.

Poor Chris will rub out my neck muscles nightly but by morning they are right back where they started, sometimes worse than the evening before, no matter how much we try to relieve the pain it just keeps getting worse.

I do NOT want to go to the ER, but at the same time, I am running out of patience for dealing with constant pain and suffering.

Brings new light to what Christ went through on the cross, He suffered for us, and died, sometimes I wish that this was a terminal illness that it had an end sometime, because at least that way I would know there was an ending coming...right now I do not see an end, and that part scares me to death.

Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok, I have had 3 Ethics classes, Love the teacher, but my body HATES the class...I don't know if its this class in particular or if I have gotten that much worse over the summer....I do not spend much time upright since I feel so run down ALL the time lately, so sitting upright for 3 hours listening to a semi interesting lecture/discussion...which I do participate in, by the not so fun.

I have not felt well since day one, but I am feeling worse and worse as the days was REALLY rough, Chris and I fought ALOT this morning, to the point I nearly left him at Arby's...I do most of the driving. I just went and sat in the car and, he needs a job, or was too much...he has been nitpicking at EVERYTHING, and I don't feel well enough for him to be nitpicking...then we fought about going out to eat, then about money, on and on it went ALL day long.

Then I went to class...and let him know I made it, then texted him at our break, and well he asked for Ice Cream, I am 45 minutes away at class and he can't make ice cream for him and Lauren???? He says he breaks the spoons, Like I care, I am not home make it yourself...he actually LET Lauren stay up so I could make them ice cream when I got home, I was beyond furious, so I really didn't talk to him much....He needs to GROW UP and grow up now.

So, My pain is compounded with the pain I am married to, the daughter who is insistant that she knows more than ANY and Every Adult in existance and well I am just tired of it all....

I need a few days off...and if I don't get them, I will likely wind up in the ER because my body will FORCE me to get that it often does. Grr....GRRR

Friday, September 4, 2009

I feel like death warmed over

Ok, Ok, I know its been a week and last week was really busy, but I slept when I wasn't running Napping alot and I feel so sick its rediculous.
I just want to crawl under the covers and just not wake up anymore. Its TOO much.