Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Off to the OR we go, just don’t know when yet

On Monday I spent the day seeing doctors, I started off with my GYN and an ultrasound in the morning. I have been there every 1-2 months since August. It's a good thing I like her. Well we have been discussing an endometrial ablation to deal with abnormal bleeding since the beginning. She also wants to do a D&C and we were debating on additional birth control since the ablation does not guaranty sterility we had discussed the Implanon progestin only implant (which interacts with a few of my meds and I didn't like the idea of) and a tubal ligation which I had requested, she hesitated since its more invasive, but that kind of changed when she found out I was going to be seeing a general surgeon in the afternoon to see about removing my gallbladder.

She felt that working with the general surgeon and using the same initial ports as he uses she should be able to do the tubal at the same time he does the Gallbladder and then she will do the D&C and ablation after.

When I saw the general surgeon later Monday afternoon he hesitated, but felt the risk of 2 anesthesias were greater than the risk of infection. So now they are coordinating and I wait as they are scheduling to get me scheduled and taken care of. I should be ready to go soon. I am a cross between nervous and excited. Hopefully my pain will go away. Right now, I am feeling totally run down, and I have lots going on super stressed with lots of stress going on.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good News?

Let me begin here, today I saw My Podiatrist, He is AMAZING. I love having doctors that listen. Two weeks ago when I went in I had a second break in my ankle, I came home depressed and in tears, it had been 5 weeks and I was expecting to move into an air cast because that's what he had said he expected before. After all it was just a TINY break and in the first place and was healing after two weeks in the boot.

Well when it wasn't I was just devastated, I had gotten so much bad news all at once, I couldn't handle it and was crushed, but I wore the boot for 2 more weeks and this time he had just said he was 95% sure it we would be moving to the air cast this week, guess what, I didn't go in expecting anything, lol, so I wasn't as disappointed either.

He didn't even examine it til we X-Rayed it…No New Breaks, YAY!!! And It IS healing again, VERY SLOWLY, But it is healing. But it was excruciatingly painful today, so he did an injection into the joint to numb it to make it feel better for a while (not long enough, lol, but a while) I love that he listens though.

I left his office and went to the hospital to have my brain MRI done, I prayed before I went in about the IV placement. After Thursdays 7 pokes to get an IV we didn't need I was a bit stressed over this IV. So I prayed and Prayed, Guess what, ONE POKE, I could have hugged the MRI tech. However I am starting to have some irritation to the TAPES they are using, The clear tapes to hold IV's in place have left marks the last two or three times, they think I may be developing an allergy to the tape, Arg, but oh well, if that's all, it's the least of my concerns.


For my few readers: Please Keep Several of my friends in your prayers.

Bobbi is still in the hospital after having a serious reaction to MRI contrast on Monday.

Christy had surgery on her shunt again, hopefully this one lasts a LONG time.

Brooke got some very bad news this morning from her doctor.

Angie's son Noah is very sick and they need lots of prayer.

Little Noah is in the Hospital again in Greenville.

Jen's friend Jeff was killed in a car accident on Monday, He meant a lot to their small community, and this was just one year after he survived another major accident.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well Today was an INTERESTING day

Sorry about the delays in updates, it has been a hectic few weeks.

Today I had my Tilt Table Test. Let me just state, it was NOT fun.

First, I had a hard time finding a handicap parking spot so I was running late, but I got there the technician who did my Dubutomine stress test this past fall was there and he did this test too, having a familiar face in the room did not make it easier, lol.

They set up the EKG, Blood Pressure cuff, and Pulse Ox, and took a base reading sitting, Boring…

THEN, tried to start an IV, Poke 1 try, Poke 2 tries Poke 3 tries, Call in someone else, Poke, Nope, call anesthesia, lol, you getting the picture, they use Lidocaine, Poke, what are we up to? Uhm yes, 5, 6, Ahh, here we go, 7 tries, and she doesn't think this is going to hold, but that's ok…guess what, all that almost an hour to get a VEIN and we didn't need it…

We begin with a resting laying flat before the tilt reading and here we go, Boring…Blood pressure NORMAL, Heartrate, Looking Good, Pulse Ox, Looking REALLY good…

Uh OH…Hmm

Then they strap me to the table and tilt it 75*

Within 5 minutes, my Blood pressure went through the ROOF, she didn't give me numbers, but my Blood pressure and Heartrate skyrocketed, the room started spinning and my legs started feeling like jello, I was Nauseas and felt like I could just puke everywhere, if I didn't have two rare brain diseases, I could have said this was the worst I had felt, but that would have been a bit much, she said to go with it, but I couldn't help but to breath through it…natural instinct, I guess.

I don't like puking, lol

My blood pressure was really really high and I felt just horrid, I was shaky and my vision was blurred, I guess that's why I needed a driver back home. I was a mess, I am still a bit shakey.

This was a very interesting day…I do not want to go through it again…this isn't fun and I will know in a few days if its something we are going to be investigating further or just what we are doing.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Ugg, still not ready to share cause well…

Let's start here…

I did see Dr. Wille on December 29th. He did confirm my blood results, and no, I did not have to bring them up, he did. However, since I have never had any of the risk factors, he sent me to the lab to have what felt like a million vials of blood drawn for more detailed lab work to find out more answers. I will find out more when he knows more or on February 17th, whichever he feels is more important, probably in February since this isn't going to kill me between now and then, Which makes me feel a LITTLE better at least. We probably wont be starting treatment right away anyhow since I have a lot of other stuff going on so I am guessing he will be watching it really close til I do decide to treat it, IF I decide to treat it…we will cross that bridge when we get there. I may have to wait 6 months to treat it anyhow, or so…we shall see, like I said we will cross THAT bridge when we get there.

On the other hand, I have many more bridges that need crossing now. Like my wonderful non working gallbladder. Monday I am calling Dr. McIntosh and scheduling the appointment with him for sometime AFTER the 17th, if it chooses to start behaving I can cancel it (but so far my heating pad and I have become virtually inseparable, more importantly, if I need to get medical records from the hospital I will be there on the 13th)

I saw Dr. Kachan my foot doctor about my wonderful broken ankle, I was looking so forward to getting a brace instead of this lovely CAM boot on the 5th of January, BUT, when they did my XRays, I cried, they found a second break, yes, I cried…That's not what he was supposed to tell me….it was supposed to have gotten better NOT worse. I had been in the boot 4 weeks, it had improved the first time, so the second time I was expecting to be out of the boot, but NOPE, I get it another 2 weeks, 6 full weeks in the boot, Not a happy girl.

Then, on the 6th I saw my Neurologist, Dr. Rossi, about the falls, the headaches, the dizziness, oh and everything else, she is a WONDERFUL doc, I would highly recommend her to anyone in my area, she is the BEST. Anyhow, she isn't happy about the falls and she thinks they could be related to my heart and my brain together, so she is sending me for a tilt table torture test (she called it a torture test, not me) because its supposed to reproduce the dizziness and possibly the faints, or near faints I have… now doesn't that just sound fun, they do this in the hospital while measuring my heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen at a constant rate, like minute by minute or something like that, to watch for it to drop before I do…and watch for the symptoms too…possibly using drugs to induce them if they don't start on their own… they lay you down, strap you to a table and stand you up, sounds like a load of fun, mind you I get nauseas and weak and floppy BEFORE I fall…hence the straps (and hopefully a barf bucket)

Then I get an MRI of my Brain, to see if its malfunctioning at its greatest, I will feel like crap and get to lay in a tube for another hour, I will probably need a nap while in there since I will feel even worse.

At least she upped my meds, and gave me a new pain med to try since the toradol pretty much quit on me. Like I said I LOVE her to pieces, she listens, she is young and just an amazing doc. I just wish I had found her a while ago, couldn't have found her when I first got sick, she hadn't graduated yet, from college, forget Medical school, she is younger than I am, but that's ok, means I get to keep her longer.

Well, my next set of appointments are: Tilt Table and MRI January 13th, Dr. Mardelli Janurary 14th, Dr. Kachan January 19th, and Dr. Masters January 24th since I probably wont update before I have seen any of them, I will probably be seeing Dr. McIntosh in there somewhere, but not sure when. Hmm, I think I have an M theme with Doctors too, cause Dr. Dobrin is a hyphenated name that starts with an M, lol strange