Friday, August 24, 2007

Master of the Wind

Well we got hit with a MASSIVE thunderstorm while we were at the store
Flooded the parking lot to the middle of the car tires
The store LOST POWER
tornado warnings and touchdowns a county over
lights out on the way home
flooded roads, Boy, I am glad to be home,
the milk and one case of coke came in,
the kitty litter is Probably RUINED,
the cat food, well it will need to dry out,
Bug feels safe now that we are back home,
The rest of the groceries will come in when the rain STOPS.
and poor DH was worried sick....
isn't life grand

The song we sang on the way home, because Bug was terrified was I know the Master of the wind It is such a calming song in the midst of any storm.

Monday, August 20, 2007

School days

So much for following a plan, I thought we were going to work on Math, Phonics, History, and Geography today, Oh well.
We ended up working on Handwriting and Bible, As you can see, the creative little project here, Genesis 1:31, Each word is on a flower, and each flower attached to a Pipe Cleaner half and then its taped to the pot, Glue and pipe cleaners don't work very well together in our experience.
Bug had a blast coloring, taping and arranging. The Template came from Here.
We then went to and made a custom tracer page with the same verse for handwriting.
Altogether we had a very good day with school today.
I don't worry that we didn't get as much done as I would have liked, she is already 24 lessons into the Kindergarten Math curriculum.
Local schools don't start for 15 days, so she is still way ahead, and her phonics is first grade anyhow to keep up with her reading ability.
Tis life.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Fair Fun

Saturday was a Beautiful day, DH had to work in the morning, not a fun thing, but two hours of overtime is a blessing. When he got home, we got Bug ready to go, and headed out to the local fair.

Ok, we live in a large city, so after driving nearly an hour to get there, and having to deal with a 30 minute delay for a quarter mile of construction we were really praying that it was worth it. It was.

We parked across the street in a nice little home lot, what a pleasant way to make a quick buck, renting out your yard, Parking was $5 a car....not too bad and I was prepared for it...I think next year we are going to save so we can spend more money.

Admission was $14 for both DH and I, Bug was free since she is under 8.

Then we paid for an Ice Cream Cone filled with animal feed during the petting farm.

First we got to see the cows and bulls, there was an 8 day old black and white calf, she was so sweet but sleepy.

Then we saw the above cows, Sorry for the date stamp, I forgot to reset it when I charged the batteries.
The brown one, silly thing was lounged out across the black one, It almost looked as if they were kissing, too cute.

Our next stop was the petting farm, my whole reason for wanting to go. Originally, Bug had NO interest in feeding the animals, but the money went to 4h which I would like to see about getting her involved in eventually, so it was a good dollar spent.

We saw chicks, a calf (about two or three weeks old) a sheep, some hens and roosters, Rabbits, a Llama, a pony, some Ducks and more goats than you can imagine. They are who got most of the food, they are the coolest animals we even got to see a new baby goat, and it was frightened by all the other goats, they kept picking on him.

We also saw a live carousel (reason we need to save more money, as that was something Bug really wanted to go on, but the price wasn't in our reach since I didn't take year it will be more like our vacation day)

We did not see horses or Pigs this year, not sure why, but we never did find them.

we did see some Chain saw sculptures a Cowboy boot, a raccoon, a bird and a few other things, they were really neat.

We went and saw the entries, that's when we decided that the 4h really is something Bug is interested in....there are things that are not all about the animals, but other things that we CAN do in the city.
Then we went to the merchants, another place I wish I had had more to spend, we got some Watkins double strength Vanilla and Barbecue Sauce concentrate.

We had Hot dogs and a Knackwurst for lunch and headed home.

Its truly surprising how much we got done in just 3 hours of fair walking.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

God's Will and Infertility

Our family has been battling secondary infertility since about 9 months after Bug arrived, after the second year of trying we decided to see WHY God wasnt blessing us, I don't ovulate, ok, very simple problem you'd think.
I have Killer periods when I do have them, they last FOREVER, ok, at least thats how DH feels, seriously though, I just finished one that lasted 6 weeks, the one before that, Oh, I think it was only a week or so, but the one before that, well that one lasted 3 MONTHS. So we definitely have some issues on my part.
We are of the belief that this should be treated in part because my Iron gets really low with the long periods, and the longer in between them the longer they seem to last. So we have been on hormone regulators to make things a bit easier.
I know LOTS of people would have a fit about that, but I am also sure that most of them dont bleed for 3 months on and 3 months off on a totally natural cycle either. So TOUGH.

We really want to get pregnant at least once more and have a second child, DH is a lonely child and I am one of two, I certainly do NOT want that for BUG, it was miserable for both of us and even now dh is the only one to deal with his mom (his dad has two step sons) and neither of his parents are easy to deal with) Obviously if you have in laws you can certainly understand that.

Well, since its now been 4 years plus a few monts of trying to get pregnant, and we have run two rounds of Clomid, and are about to start our third, we were talking the other day a what if scenerio...if we get pregnant after the baby is born do we want to see about using Birth Control that would eliminate the heavy periods nearly completely (if not completely) or should we keep trusting that it would work the very least I think we will stick with a provera regimin to keep them less than 3 months long, lol.

Bug Loves to read the Keys for Kids to us, as we also read them to her, but her stories are completely random. Since she is JUST 5 years old, she cant find the verses as easily in her bible as we can, So...Last night I helped her find the Verse, it was Psalm 119:9-16 but she flipped pages when she was heading back to the loveseat to read, she Read..PSALM 127:3-5 NKJV (her Bible)
it reads...
3 Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,
The fruit of the womb is a reward.
4 Like arrows in the hand of a warrior,
So are the children of one’s youth.
5 Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them;
They shall not be ashamed,
But shall speak with their enemies in the gate.

After hearing that, while I have known it for a LONG time, How on earth can I justify shutting down my fertility by choice after just two children. If God blesses me with two, and it doesn't happen again, fine, but what if he wants be to have more? What if he chooses to never bless us again because We had made the choice that two was it? Ok, too many what ifs, we will stick with the provera to keep the periods livable, if we do get pregnancy once again, we will not be doing more clomid after two children though.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Didn't do as well as I had hoped, but I did do better than I had been doing.
We did eat out of the pantry almost all week (short of Thursday, which My sisters kitty had to be put down) I just was incapable of cooking, thinking or much else.
Its hard to believe that you could be so sad over a CAT, and an 18 year old cat at that. That is VERY old for a cat, he was well loved.

Today we have had a good day, But is napping right now, she did a lot of school today for her, we don't over do the school at this point, I don't want her NOT liking school because its too work intensive. She did a Math worksheet, then a handwriting sheet as well as art (finger paint and cut and paste)

We are still focusing on the writing as its SO challenging for her. I hate seeing her so frustrated, but I know she will get it when she is supposed to.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Staying on Budget with a Pantry Challenge

With an extra tight budget for the next two weeks but it really needs to stay even if the overtime comes back.
So I am off to a Pantry Challenge, I have a good stock of foods, but menu planning has been a challenge this summer.
Tonight was our last day going out to eat for at least the next 13 days. We just need to stop, no ifs ands or buts about it.

So, Tomorrow, we are beginnign a pantry challenge (my goal is to spend less than $15 including Milk)

Tuesday, We are having Spaghetti with Meat Sauce (all pantry)
Wednesday, We are having Chicken Quesadilla's with Sour cream Salsa (all Pantry)
Thursday, We are having Pizza Bread Sandwiches (Pepperoni, Cheese, bacon in frozen yeast rolls risen, flattened and sandwiched) (all in Pantry)
Friday, We are having Steak, Crock Pot baked Potatoes, Mushrooms and Onions (Baked Potatoes on sale for $1.79 for 3lbs, extras will be converted into twice baked potatoes and frozen)
Saturday, we tend to Graze on Saturdays, so we are having a relish tray of sliced Cucumbers (free) Bell Pepper(free) from DH's Coworkers Garden) as well as cherry tomatoes ($1.49 a pint) and Radishes (89c) and Baby Carrots (99c) we are also having BBQ sausages (1.99) and Kings Hawaiian Rolls (1.99) for a total for the day of about 7.50
Sunday, we are having Nacho pizza rolls with chips and cheese as a snack 2.79 for chips AND cheese

Grand total for week $11.93

Next week wont be quite as cheap, unfortunately, but it wont be horrible either.

Monday we will have Chicken Quesadilla's again (a family favorite) will need tortillas (1.99)
Tuesday We are having Lasagna only need the cottage Cheese $1.49 Aldis
Wednesday Pepperoni Cheese Bread, will be making the crust from scratch this time so will just need Mozzarella cheese $2 for 8 oz
Thursday we are having Pork Satay, I have to use the pork, sooner or later, so why not sooner, will make crab Rangoon to go with it, Crab is 1.99, Cream cheese, is $1, and the won ton wrappers should be under 1.99
Friday I am trying my hand at making Chicken Shack style food (to make up for not going out to eat) I am going to Barbecue Breaded Tenders and Butter some McCain's Roasters with a spiced Butter sauce, we shall see how close it tastes. $1.50 for the BBQ sauce (would love to go get a bottle of theirs, but that's not in the budget this week)
Saturday, we are having BBQ ribs and Burgers, corn on the cob and a sandwich fixings, Tomatoes 99c lb, buns, 49c at Aldis and the corn is 1.99 for 12 ears... the leftovers will be frozen.
Sunday, Smoked Sausage $1.99, Scalloped Potatoes (pantry) and Garlic green Beans (Pantry)
Total spent...17.42 plus $2.50 for a gallon of milk
Anything else we spend for the next two weeks will be for storage for restocking for next week.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Oh Why, Oh Why, Did my bug Turn Five?

If anyone tries telling you parenting is easy, they aren't one. This past few days around here has been HARD. Bug is going through a stage of being downright defiant. It is taxing DH and I to near breaking...I cry out to God for help, I honestly wonder if he hears me.
If there is one thing I want my child to learn more than anything else its to be obedient. In her future, there will likely be a husband, maybe a boss, we will be here for for several more years, and many other authority figures surround us.
She is learning of consequences. On one hand I hate seeing my child upset, but for reasons beyond my comprehension, when things do not work, she loses her temper and hits or just outright tries to hurt us. I am nervous, at times, when we think about the fact we are trying to have another baby (have been for 5 years now) because she has these horrible mood swings into violence.
We are firm, non yielding parents. Her words cut like a knife "I was being good, yet you were mean to me" generally the response we get when we say no to a request, be it reasonable or not. Most of the time my response is trite, that you have to be good more than just when you want things, and I put away what she is begging for....guess what that gives us....can you guess?? exactly, MORE FITS. I have tried all sorts of discipline, nothing seems to give permanent results. most of the time now, I just ignore the fits and make her take some alone time. Hopefully she will learn something from all of this, if not, I seriously pray that this is just a phase and "THIS TOO SHALL PASS"
Oh why, oh Why, did my bug turn five?