Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My Brain and I are NOT getting along

I know my posts seem sporadic; they seem to be running with my sleep patterns. Today I went to pick up my scripts and nearly lost it at the pharmacy. A simple trip through the drive through and I am Changing pharmacies No ifs ands or buts about it. I have had it up to my eyeballs (which are in almost constant pain the last few weeks) but I am tired of crap.

I have not slept a solid 4 hours in more than a week. So I am severely lacking in patience. I have never felt so blessed to NOT hear my phone (the tinnitus is actually outdoing household noises lately) But I went through the drive through to pick up my scripts that have been ready for a week now (I call them in before I run out)

And I am dealing with the lovely pharmacy, my scripts are ready, and the person in front of me is PARKED in the drive through…yes PARKED

They actually Filled a second script and WAITED

I could have screamed. What is the point of drive through convenience, then I get up there and they can't figure out one of my meds. It's been $8.72 for the last year, and all of a sudden they can't figure it out because it's not covered by Medicare. I was ready to scream…My pressure has been up, I know this, I can feel it and I am getting to the point of actually being willing to go in to the ER, however I just want to finish this semester in school first.

Next week I see my endocrinologist, then 3 weeks later I see my neuro, I want to be able to hold out til I can see him and see if he will schedule one and do it himself instead of having to get it done in the ER. Then the following week I see my Pulmonologist. I just am tired of feeling crappy.

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Jacqui Zollner said...

((HUGS)) Big Ones!! It's horrible to always feel bad and noone should park at a pharmacy drive thru. Lucky the didn't do that in Jersey, haha. People would have flipped.