Friday, May 1, 2009


Thats how long it has been since I have taken a bath, walked without pain, played on the FLOOR with my daughter, or played with her in any truly effective way.

Thats how long it has been since I have known that My PTC won't be going away anytime soon, and if you take away 3.5 months away from how long I have known about the Chiari, and the road that I have been living learning about why I feel the way I feel.

Its amazing how much I have grown in these 15 months, I trust God more, I lean on him more. My husband and daughter...well they have come quite a ways too, this has been emotionally harder on them as they don't understand how I feel or what to do to make it better.

Laurens maturity has gone the wrong direction, she is growing down instead of up...its too stressful on a baby girl.

I have applied for disability, I have had more medical appointments that I ever thought was possible. Ironically, this all started TEN years after diagnosis.

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