Sunday, June 14, 2009

Feeling MUCH MUCH worse today

Ok, I knew working out even with something as simple as a video game would have repricussions, but WOAH, My head has been KILLING me all day, I did play more today though even though I was hurting, I felt it was best to try anyhow, I am looking forward to other games in hopes that I can see some results....even the limits of my disability, being active even a little has benefits.

My pain level on the 10 scale is about a 12 and NOTHING has penetrated it today not even sleep...I will give it a few more days before I call and ask for something to kill it....I know there isn't much they can give me since the pain meds do not help much if any.

I will always work through the pain til I can't take it anymore....tomorrow we find out whats up with Chris's unemployment and that will make a difference in what we do next.

I NEED him to get a job even if its part time... because right now we are over the cap for SSI, and I still can't get insurance coverage.
Grr. At least they will cover the back stuff for the last 3 months when I was in the hospital, I have to call the hospitals and my social worker, PRAYING like all get out that I have a new worker, the last one was not very good.

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