Friday, June 12, 2009

Not sleeping well

Ok, I have had it up past my eyeballs, which I wish were closed right now.

I was having issues with the headaches, but now I am on meds that are supposed to help me sleep...the problem? Well they get caught in my throat as I try to swallow them...we are not talking horse pills either we are talking oh 1mg pills, little itty bitty things.

I am SO frustrated.

My neck and shoulders are killing me too, its like my head is too heavy to sit on my neck...
I am afraid to cry, because while emotionally I am ready to...well, LOL, it hurts worse when I cry. I want to close my eyes and my eyelids hurt...I am so tired of fighting this, I am praying that Chris gets a part time job so that I can get SSI, oh they will pay my medical bills for April when I went to the ER twice, which is SO cool...but I desparately need insurance and to seek another surgeons opinion.

If I get insurance, I will ask Dr. Turner for a referral in October...I will wait that long, I think I can handle the wait...but I will have to mention the swallowing issues, it seems like more and more food is getting stuck too...but Chiari while it has swallowing issues, this almost seems like a gag reflex in overdrive, but maybe I am overthinking things so I don't put myself in a panic noticing yet another symptom related to Chiari, the bladder issues totally freaked me out....Dizziness and headaches I have had for so long they dont worry me, but my arm and leg numbness made sense...I don't need to fear, but at the same time, if its progressing...well, I don't want anything permanent to happen.

Tired, goin to try my meds and get some sleep, have to go to SSA tomorrow to drop off paperwork, then going to Thrift store to get Lauren clothes, I HOPE, then I am going to come home, go drop off paperwork for MI Works, and go grocery shopping, I hope I can stay awake through the hockey game.

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