Friday, July 10, 2009

cant catch a break

Ok this is getting rediculous, I have been drinking, trying to stay hydrated in hopes to kill this darn headache, NOT WORKING....Its starting in my neck and going around BOTH eyes, I get so nauseas and sick I just want to puke.

My balance has been off more than on and yesterday I got lost drivin roads I drive routinely, Frankly I am getting scared. I can't concentrate and am struggling to do ANYTHING at all. I do not like feelin this way, I do not nor will I ever be able to accept this new way of life, this is no life, and no I do not plan on ending it....I get so sick of people asking if I am depressed...NO, I am in pain, and while the two can go hand in hand, I do not feel depressed, I feel frustrated that I can Not do ANYTHING without causing my brain to rebel.

I am tired and going to bed early tonight, I can barely see, actually as I type this I can't make out the letters on my screen, I just know where they are and can feel that I hit too many keys, trying to focus it in is killing me Good Night, praying for some relief tomorrow

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