Saturday, July 4, 2009


Chris and I are fighting AGAIN, he is getting on my last nerve, ok, he got on that a long time ago, but its just getting worse and worse.

My headaches are through the roof today because of the stress of dealing with him. All he does is play games and eat. Oh ya, and complain about Lauren or I doing this or that.

Well today he got mad because I said something the first time Lauren kicked her feet, all he does is yell at her, no other discipline at all, and he expects me to "fix" the issues....I can't fix her, half of this is just him being around her so much.

Then while she was being read to tonight she contorted herself to kick me in the face...while that upset him, it made him madder that I yelled at her after the 7th time of her kickin me (I never yell at the first or second incident)
He tells me I am over reacting, the only time he spends with her is when I am asleep or at a doctors appointment and I am over reacting? She may kick him under the table, but I am tired of it all. He is ignoring her whining over not getting to see fireworks, it was her choice, since she got sent to bed for misbehaving, but is he making an effort to support in discipline, NOT ONE.

I am so annoyed right now, ya, its his birthday, but he and her faught on mine too, all day they bickered and over half of our plans blew up in my face. I am just tired of dealing with his crap....HE NEEDS to get a job and get out of the house some. Sitting in front of that game all day is just too much for me.

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