Thursday, September 10, 2009


Ok, I have had 3 Ethics classes, Love the teacher, but my body HATES the class...I don't know if its this class in particular or if I have gotten that much worse over the summer....I do not spend much time upright since I feel so run down ALL the time lately, so sitting upright for 3 hours listening to a semi interesting lecture/discussion...which I do participate in, by the not so fun.

I have not felt well since day one, but I am feeling worse and worse as the days was REALLY rough, Chris and I fought ALOT this morning, to the point I nearly left him at Arby's...I do most of the driving. I just went and sat in the car and, he needs a job, or was too much...he has been nitpicking at EVERYTHING, and I don't feel well enough for him to be nitpicking...then we fought about going out to eat, then about money, on and on it went ALL day long.

Then I went to class...and let him know I made it, then texted him at our break, and well he asked for Ice Cream, I am 45 minutes away at class and he can't make ice cream for him and Lauren???? He says he breaks the spoons, Like I care, I am not home make it yourself...he actually LET Lauren stay up so I could make them ice cream when I got home, I was beyond furious, so I really didn't talk to him much....He needs to GROW UP and grow up now.

So, My pain is compounded with the pain I am married to, the daughter who is insistant that she knows more than ANY and Every Adult in existance and well I am just tired of it all....

I need a few days off...and if I don't get them, I will likely wind up in the ER because my body will FORCE me to get that it often does. Grr....GRRR

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