Friday, September 25, 2009

Headaches Out of Control

School is overwhelming, but I am happy to be there, I had an ethics exam on Wednesday and a Marketing project due Monday, but whats getting the better of me, MY HEAD...I have not had a break from the headaches since mid August when school started...I am trying to do things regardless of the pain but I am finding more often than not I just want to sleep.

Poor Chris will rub out my neck muscles nightly but by morning they are right back where they started, sometimes worse than the evening before, no matter how much we try to relieve the pain it just keeps getting worse.

I do NOT want to go to the ER, but at the same time, I am running out of patience for dealing with constant pain and suffering.

Brings new light to what Christ went through on the cross, He suffered for us, and died, sometimes I wish that this was a terminal illness that it had an end sometime, because at least that way I would know there was an ending coming...right now I do not see an end, and that part scares me to death.

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Sherry said...

was sorry to hear your feeling so bad again! I follow your blogs when I get a chance! Its hard finding someone with the same medical condition that I do.

I can totally relate to not seeing an end in sight. My doctors have finaly decided on the shunt, since 11 spinal taps in one year is getting dangerous. But even with the shunt, I'm still concerned with heatlh conditions related. Ugh. Its neverending! I know. I'm with you!