Thursday, May 6, 2010

I walked out of my Doctors appointment without feeling defeated

I saw Dr. Z this morning, she is my wonderful endocrinologist. She has been helping me stay away from becoming a diabetic as well as working towards correcting some vitamin deficiencies and PCOS as well as getting me ready for bariatric surgery which we are aiming for in the fall.

I am down 8lbs in 2 months, Not a lot but it means we are finally FINALLY making progress. We are not sure if it's the meds, the dietary changes from the constant nausea, or what, but I have not lost 8lbs EVER.

She would like to see another 30lbs down before I have the surgery, but now I have more incentive than ever to get it gone, that means I would be that much closer to hitting a better goal. She likes the surgeon I picked, and is writing a really GOOD report for the insurance for progress notes, yay.

I see her again in August. Hopefully surgery will be scheduled for September or October.

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Anonymous said...

So glad to read you had a good doctor visit. congratulations on the weight loss. It is hard work and you can do it!