Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sporadic posting at best…it has been a Hectic Month and very overwhelming

September has been almost as hectic as August was. I knew it wasn't going to be an easy month, so I was a bit prepared, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for the whirlwind that has turned my life upside down, I guess I had forgotten what it was like to have thorough doctors who actually cared about their patients.

I had moved my medical care from one hospital to another in our local area, we do not have a CLOSE hospital no matter what, the closest hospital that is a REAL hospital capable of handling my care is a good 45 minutes away in ANY direction, we have two that are not able to handle it that are closer, but as I said, they are not capable of handling it and I have to head either to Detroit, Southfield (NOT HAPPENING, they tried killing me, see posts from Early to middle 2008) or Troy…

I have been to Detroit, they keep having me see the same doctors who do the same nothingness and send me back to the same docs who do the same nothing…anyhow, it was an easy decision from there. What I wasn't prepared for is follow up care. I had seen a PCP, Neuro, and Gynecologist, who all sent me for tests, those tests some had to be repeated…the ophthalmologist sent me for tests (I was NOT happy about having that redone again, it was early but I did need another tap because my body responded very well)

I also saw a Podiatrist for the Diabetes…a routine exam, or so I thought…man was I wrong…to some degree anyhow. I had said all along I was PRETTY sure that my sugar was NOT causing my nerve pain, at least I now know I was right, in a way I am almost upset I was.

The new doc…I saw this morning, was once again a Beaumont doc, VERY thorough, and decided that the nerve pain was kind of important… ok I want to be out of pain all the time so I happen to agree there…the rest of the appointment kinda threw me though, he decided we would X-Ray to see that it wasn't anything Bony causing issues…HA, Leave it to me to have developed Bone Spurs, now, these had to have formed sometime in the last 9 years cause they were NOT there when I had my fractured foot and was there in 2001 before I got pregnant with Lauren (ya I went to the same foot place)

I also have High arches, OK, so why wasn't THIS a problem 9 years ago? During my pregnancy? Even up til oh…the last 2 ½ years? Ya he didn't have THOSE answers J

What did he do…well, this routine exam turned into almost an hour long ordeal, actually a little longer, He checked my circulation, he tested my nerves, the tuning fork thing, I so hate that cause it hurts on my left foot and ankle, he thinks I may have tarsal tunnel syndrome, the foots answer to carpal tunnel…then he did x-rays, explained THOSE findings, then did Ultrasound massage, NOT comfortable for painful feet and ankles, but didn't complain, just wanted to go home…was frustrated for being honest…Then he gave me inserts for my shoes which now my back and feet hurt more since my shoes now feel too small on top of everything…OH and I have a script to have an EMG and NCV of my foot and ankle to rule out Tarsal Tunnel, that my lovely neurologist gets to do…

I saw my Pulmonologist and I have lots of questions for my PCP since I feel my shortness of breath is something we need to worry about since my pulmonologist seems to care, but only when she isn't rushed…my left chest hurts all the time now…so we need to figure out what's next there too…my mask keeps starting and stopping…too much crap

With IH, Chiari, Sleep Apnea, and Nerve Damage, I really Need just one thing to NOT be complicated, praying that one thing comes with the results from my Gyn appointment on Tuesday, we are discussing permanent Birth control since I am still cramping and spotting but my period stopped a week ago, I also didn't have one last month at all, and they are super heavy when I do…Ugg…I had to have the ultrasounds for that repeated too, scared me to death…but everything happens for a reason…I just don't know WHAT that reason is.


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