Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Follow Ups are getting Hard When you get Referrals at almost every appointment

Today I will admit I went to my doctors' appointments a bit apprehensive…after my ultrasound at the beginning of September, I was already very nervous about what to expect when I saw Dr. Masters today, and I guess I had good reason to be. She is repeating the ultrasounds in two months, but my uterus was enlarged, we don't know why…she did a biopsy…or rather attempted to, we will know more at the next appointment if it will need to be repeated, if it does, it will be done in the hospital, under anesthesia, since this one was so hard to get. I pray she got enough to get answers…

If the uterus is still enlarged during the next ultrasound or the bleeding is still acting up, well…we will make a next step at the end of November, I see her again November 30th, I have to schedule the ultrasound yet.

My blood Pressure was good at BOTH appointments for going through all the stress of the day, lol. 128/78 and 118/68 at the second appointment and they were in the same building and a little over an hour apart.

After I scheduled my follow up with Dr. Masters I scheduled my EMG with Dr. Rossi, that is November 5th, woo hoo, so exciting, can I skip that one? PLEASE? Just had a funny thought that I could have my old neuro do it, lol, NOT gonna Happen though, and I won't stop liking Dr. Rossi cause she does it, so I don't really have to worry about it either.

Then I walked across the building to see Dr. Dobrin, what a hassle…my Medicaid is a pain in the dupa, because I didn't have a card when I came in the FIRST time, they didn't set it up right, well the lady who drew my blood put it in, but apparently my doctors office and the lab don't bill TOGETHER, so she has to resubmit everything from the FIRST appointment, which is a HUGE appointment cause they ran a gazillion and 50 tests, SO…anyhow…they had a cow about resubmitting it… that's why I am so proud of my lower blood pressure, I was getting really stressed out.

I FINALLY got back to see her, and my stress level went through the roof, but my blood pressure behaved and stayed down, She doesn't like my scabs not healing, my liver enzymes are still too high, and about the only thing that IS working is my sugar…I did mention my breathing issue and my CPAP issue, so she is sending me to a Dermatologist about the open scabs that just won't heal, apparently that's not a good thing, she said if my sugars were high, it would probably be because my diabetes is not well controlled, but my sugar averages 115-118 with the Metformin so obviously that's not the case. She asked about my Pulmonologist and said she doesn't like her, since it's been about 2 years since my last sleep study she wants it repeated and wants me to see a different pulmonologist, I think mine had given up on me cause CPAP wasn't working, but she said not to be surprised if the pulmonologist sends me to see someone else too…which I wont because Dr. Shanidze kept saying I should see a cardiologist for my breathing issue (which I thought a funny thing for a doctor who specializes in the lungs, but my lungs aren't the problem…

So anyhow, I have a call in to the Pulmonologist, I have to call the dermatologist in the morning, and I see Dr. Dobrin on October 28th. So my October is no Oct 22, 28, and Nov is 2, 5, 11, 23, 30 with 3 to be determined

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