Saturday, May 28, 2011

Way too much going on

Chris and I celebrated our 10th anniversary this week, I wish I could say we went out and did something fancy, but finances are not what we would like, so we stayed home and spent it together.

2 ½ weeks ago I started on my oxygen at home, I thought it was going to be a part time thing, since I was told I only drop when I am active, HOWEVER, I apparently drop as soon as I get up and move around, so I am on it 24/7, 3 liters per minute. Being on the Oxygen really is not that hard to deal with however, I can tell if I forget to put it on, my headaches are MUCH worse and I turn kind of red or purplish.

My Heart monitor is Just about done (comes off at the end of next week) which is REALLY good seeing as the leads are eating my skin now. I am very ready for it to be done, have been since 4 days in. I am really hoping it shows something so she doesn't want to test more because the oxygen is helping with the dizzy spells (it isn't making them go away completely, but it definitely helped a good deal)

Tuesday I had my colonoscopy, Dr. Wille said it looked good, but he took some biopsies anyhow. I have had a lot of nausea still after, so I guess we will wait and see what the biopsies showed. Basically what he said was that he thought it was likely IBS though, ugh. That doesn't Help me much as he had me on a med for that before and it did NOTHING, so…uhm, we will see, the nausea and abdominal pain cant continue, nor the rotation between Diarrhea (3 weeks til colonoscopy, now I haven't gone since it, so am back on colace, arg) I see him again in July, so he has time for the biopsies to come back.

Been in Physical therapy for my Low back, I was evaluated and have to go find out what insurance covers for an AFO brace, woo Hoo, I need to do that before next Tuesday. My MRI showed NO disk anomalies, and only arthritis from what I was explained. Its not doing much, the traction feels good til she lets loose, and the stretches I can feel are stretching, but I don't feel them after I release them, so I do not know if they will last. Most of them I cannot hold or do for long, or feel effective doing because of the pain they cause even trying them.

Other than that, we are looking for a place to live, we are going on many waiting lists and praying that the right handicap apartment opens first. Most have 12 month or longer waiting lists, or do not accept pets, the ones with shorter lists are way far away, or do not accept Lauren. My family needs to stay complete. God is going to work this out and I know it will ALL be ok, I just do not know how it will work out.



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