Monday, May 9, 2011

I don’t even know where to begin

Last week I saw a new Pulmonologist per the request of the cardiologist' np well Dr. Galens wanted some tests as expected, he ordered some bloodwork which I had drawn this morning, a Pulmonary Function Test which I will CALL and get results of on Wednesday afternoon and a 6 Minute walk to check how my Oxygen levels are on exertion since I get REALLY dizzy and short of breath EVERYTIME I get up and walk or DO anything…

I FAILED the walk. When I say I failed it, I mean within the first Minute my o2 stats had dropped to the low 80s, the 2nd minute I was in down to 77 and put on o2, when we did the 3rd minute I was worked all the way to 3 liters of oxygen to keep my levels where they are SUPPOSED to be. Uhm, I had meltdown number one.

After I left his office, I HURT, and I HURT bad, the pulmonary function tests HURT especially when you have a hard time breathing…I am almost hoping it showed an improvement after the nebulizer and he writes one of those too, cause I noticed an improvement, it didn't hurt as bad to breathe.

Then I went to see my Primary care, I LOVE that woman, I have NEVER been so blessed.

She went over ALL of my other docs (14 docs is way too many for a 34 year old, lol) but she is Thrilled that everyone is taking such an Active approach to GETTING things done, she smiled at my heart monitor kinda funny cause I was nervous about it cause she was so wishy washy about the cardiologist (maybe finding out about them needing me on Oxygen FIRST made that decision a good thing, lol) she was a bit irritated about the goof up on my blood pressure meds, but agreed that I could stay off of them if Dr. Kutinsky will be checking that kind of thing in June (which I am POSITIVE since her office is TECHNICALLY who put me on it in the first place she will…my blood pressure was 144/98…and that is way higher than normal, she wouldn't care if it wasn't for the 98 part, its usually 134/88)

Then I went on to Dr. Maltese the rehab doc…I cried in his office. He noticed Immediately that my left leg still is not functioning like its supposed to, but not only is it not functioning, its actually showing what they call foot drop (he described it as tripping over your own feet (which I do when I am too stubborn to USE the walker) but he also checked the strength and pain and made me scream and cry (I usually tolerate people messing back there, because of the high threshold of pain, but he either really poked hard, or hit a BAD spot, he is sending me for an MRI, Happy Friday the 13th
J and back in Physical therapy AGAIN. He too wants me to call 2 days after the MRI (Uhm I will call on Wednesday the 18th seeing as Friday isn't going to be too convenient for him to get records. I go back in 4 weeks.

In the meantime, Chris, Lauren and I will be packing up the house… thinning out things to be moving into the apartment. I am praying we get in before August because with all that's going on with my health this is affecting everyone and that will be a huge stress lifted off of us. We have only told his mom and my parents we applied, have not told ANYONE where exactly its located…I do like the area where we will be paying the bills, and its not that far away…the people I have dealt with have been AMAZING. I am going to go talk to Meijer's night Produce Manager next week to see about getting Banana boxes they are practical for packing (they are lidded) It's the one store I will continue to do business with even after the move because the chain is one I have been doing business with for my whole life (and I worked for them before I had Lauren)

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