Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Next step---

Today I saw the rheumatologist.

The pain in my leg has been absolutely unbearable lately, and she encouraged me to apply for disability and ssi as well.

Tomorrow I will call to check on my rehab appointment (and likely make it for next week instead of whenever it was)

After we get the ssi approval and medicaid that goes with it, she wants to send me to pain management since that may help me recover...I am willing to try just about anything.

She did up my muscle relaxant to 3x a day and she did give me 2 more refills. The headaches have been quite bad too, but pain management deals with ALL pain, not just the leg and back.

She told me there is little that Social Security can do to disqualify me since I cant walk or sit or stand without being in lots of pain.

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