Thursday, February 26, 2009

ssi appointment set pain untollerable

Yup, I finished the paperwork, and guess what, I get to do it ALLOVER again. I have to put it online, I nearly flipped out when she said that and cried, I can't sit to do it, so Chris lovingly volunteered to try to do it for me.

My appointment is for March 18th at 9am.

Today the pain has been beyond control, I know my pressure is way up and if I had insurance, I would have called and asked for a spinal tap as soon as possible, it has been that bad today.

I am so tired of this being sick sucks.

I know God has a plan but its so hard. In the morning we are going to get my CPAP adjusted lets hope I can deal with the change 17 is almost double what I am at now.

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