Thursday, December 24, 2009

A happy Lauren

Holidays are very different around our house compared to most homes this time of year.

We do not put up a tree, but try to have some of our own traditions.
Christmas is a very challenging time for my husband and the longer we are married the more I understand of why he is so adamantly opposed to it…We do not do a lot of it for good sound reasons and some of it we are starting to do in bits and pieces but more towards well. I really struggle with explaining it…

Our biggest dilemma happens to be that we celebrate the birth and death of Christ year round, and we give year round, both to Charities and to each other…so we struggle with the more pagan traditions that surround the holidays, BUT…that being said, I grew up celebrating, and I still like the surprises, and certain family members (including some that didn't start giving until they found out that others were around—exchange gifts every year)

So tonight we gave Lauren One gift…Oh my goodness, you would think that child NEVER gets anything EVER, LOL.

She was SO thrilled, she had No idea it was coming, Not a single solitary clue, it was TOO funny, she was just beyond herself…a simple Kitty in my Pocket, And she was quiet for HOURS…If Only it worked that well ALL year.


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