Thursday, March 18, 2010

An interesting Turn of Events

This past Monday I went to a Bariatric Surgery seminar on the advice of my endocrinologist, Tuesday I went to the Medical Weight Loss Seminar. I had them All mixed up as for time and even had the day's mixed up I thought my Monday seminar was Tuesday and Vice Versa but that was no big deal, I got to both of them early and sat through them with no MAJOR ordeal (my back always hurts so it's not like it was something out of the ordinary to feel rotten when I left)

Well, the past few weeks my PTC has been flaring like something I would not want anyone else to go through, it has been REALLY bad, I finished the first half of my semester on my back and I honestly have no idea how I pulled off the grades I did or stayed out of the Emergency Room other than the Grace of God, and memory of last year's trip. It was April 2nd last year I went, and I was in bed for 3 weeks but I really had too much to get done this week to be in the hospital 3 times on TOP of the mass pain…so I prayed through it, I did miss church on Sunday and literally slept through Sunday but I survived and I am so glad I didn't go because while I don't feel 100% better, I do feel I feel better than I would have if I had gone to the ER.

At Mondays seminar, the bariatric surgeon presented his case talked and answered lots of questions and my endocrinologist felt it would be in my best interest to do the surgery first then the medical after, since she will continue to monitor over a period of time, and since no matter how little calories I do I don't seem to lose.

I see the Primary doc on the 25th for clearance then I see the surgeon for a 3 hour consult on the 30th it's moving so fast. It will probably be June or later though before I schedule surgery though. The hope is to lose about half of my weight total within the first year. Unfortunately it probably will not get rid of all my health issues, but it should take care of everything except the neurological stuff.

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