Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Trusting In God when Things don’t go our way

I am of No political affiliation, when I vote, I vote for the candidate that best fits my belief patterns, be it democrat, republican, or any other party unless it is a presidential election then I vote for who is the best choice to not get the one I don't want in as well.

That being said I have heard a lot of panic go about from the media especially Christians. I have but one question.

When did we stop trusting that GOD is in control? 2 Chronicles 7:14 is not referring to NON Christian when it calls for MY PEOPLE to pray. So many people are spewing out hate towards Obama and other Democrats for what just happened instead of falling to their knees and praying for our country. That hate is what caused God to remove his hand of protection from Israel, many times, wouldn't we rather be obedient and pray for our leaders, God blessed leaders and countries living in Sin because of a few who prayed, but right now we have a nation full of Christians who are turning and complaining and crying out against our leaders and bashing him and even spewing scriptures that if you read into more details could really bring quite a bit of harm to him and his family.

Do we as Christians want to be known as the nation who when praying actually prayed curses on our leaders because we were so disgusted?

I don't think so, we want God to bless him and if this is truly NOT right, which many who read this may feel, Personally, I know a few of you are ON government health care already, Does your child get MI child? That's government healthcare, Medicaid, That too is government health care, do you or a loved one get Disability and Medicare, I DO, and That too, is sponsored BY our Government, and I got my bill for my MRI from last month, an $1800 cost less than $130, Everyone cannot be pleased.

As for the abortion issue, the plan is 4 years from being put into action do you know how much can happen in 4 years? Are you really that afraid to let God be God? Remember He hasn't fallen off his Throne in the last two thousand plus years and a lot has happened in that time, I highly doubt this little shake up has him very shook. If he knows the number of hairs on our head, the number of stars in the sky Sextillions, How much more is he prepared to take care of his children in this very small crisis we think we are in right now?

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Jacqui Zollner said...

Very well put, man I'm copying that my page, hahahaha.