Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rollercoaster ride

What a day it has been…at least I got to see good news today, a good friend of mine with IH has been on Octreotide for the last 3 weeks in Texas, and is seeing progress, for the first time in 11 years her pressures are finally normal. God is Good ALL the time, Brooke is one of the biggest blessings I have had since I have been on Facebook and Intracranial Hypertension is how we met, I wouldn't trade IH for meeting this wonderful woman for anything, she has become one of my closest friends online. I have others, my "peapod" and a few other special friends I have met as well, but Brooke was the first one I became really close to and seeing her finally having success is just HUGE.

As for ME…well, This has been A week…I slept through last weekend, I honestly don't remember it, then I slept through most of Monday too, I got up for my nurse, but apparently she wasn't coming til Tuesday, oops. She came on Tuesday, then my pain was REALLY bad, so she called my neuro, but I still don't have pain meds so I don't know what's going on with that, not overly concerned though. Wednesday insomnia took over, I felt like crap and haven't improved. Friday I saw the dermatologist I was Really nervous going in, I had No clue what to expect. I have to admit I was scared out of my wits because I didn't want them looking for anything I didn't show willingly, I have a history of blistering sunburn, but I was more concerned about this scab that wont heal and this mole that kept bleeding (since I was there I figured I would take advantage of the appointment) I wasn't thrilled to be sent anyhow, he looked at the legs, figures since they are old, they will heal eventually, but because they keep getting irritated its taking forever. The ones on my breast though, he felt that's taking so long because they are getting rubbed so he prescribed a special antibiotic ointment called Bactroban and put some on it in the office, I checked it a few hours ago and they are already clearing up, that must be some pretty powerful stuff, lol. The mole, it was at my hairline and kept getting caught in the hairbrush, comb, and when I washed my hair, he took it cause it was JUST shy of where they would normally take a mole off anyhow and it kept bleeding. I was kind of nervous about that part, but to be quite honest, I think it hurts worst to take my sugar, I didn't feel the novacaine shot and I certainly didn't feel him sterilize it or remove it, but it was done too quickly to question it, probably 2 minutes tops.

If the skin isn't clear in 3 weeks I have to schedule a follow up, if the biopsy on the mole shows anything they will call, if not, I am all clear.

Then, I am good til the 22nd when I see the Podiatrist again, 25th when I see the New Pulmonologist, and 28th when I see the Primary care, although somewhere in there I need to squeeze in lab work for the Endocrinologist that I see the first week in November.

My head is not playing nice many days, I am stressed out about the bariatric surgery, I have to schedule the Psych eval, I think I have to call Medicare and see what they suggest, because I really REALLY need to talk to someone about how I feel, I don't need to go into this without SERIOSLY talking to someone for a while about this.

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