Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And A New Doc is Met…Hmm? Not sure what I think yet

Today I met Dr. Mardelli, the new Pulmonologist who will be dealing with my sleep apnea, I am not sure if he will be dealing with ALL of my issues or referring me to another pulmonologist or cardiologist or someone else yet or not, follow up will be determined AFTER my new sleep study on November 9th. However he was VERY quiet, he Listened, A LOT, he didn't ask many questions, I am not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I know I know a lot of what I am going through and am familiar with the processes, so it was rather strange for him to not ask hardly any questions at all.

He basically went over my meds, my CPAP info, where he got REALLY confused, I have a fixed machine that has been reset several times trying to find an IDEAL pressure setting after an initial titration, (my initial sleep study set me to 19, which the office overruled because it would have shocked my body who was not used to CPAP) I was started at a 12, with a ramp of 6, which I learned to forego really fast cause that was so easy to deal with, then I was bumped up to 17, then down to 7 then up to 19 now down to 14 cause 19 was literally blowing the mask off my face.

I am hoping either they find I need Oxygen so I can get some extra help with breathing so I am not hurting all the time, or he refers me to a cardiologist so we can find out why I am in pain and having this hard of a time ALL the time, I should not be out of breath walking to the bathroom… but we will see. Wait and See. There is always the possibility that they will refer to a regular pulmonologist for continued care as well…but I don't know, and him for the sleep follow ups, which I have NO clue how often they will have me follow up now, I have been followed every 3-6 months for the last 2 years, so this change could be HUGE…Here is hoping.

Tomorrow I am going in for Bloodwork, Its for my endocrinologist, I am having a lot drawn but it's all pretty basic, hoping that when it's done they will find that my kidneys are functioning fine, liver is back to normal (I think he is doing a different liver test) and we shall see where my cholesterol numbers are, they haven't been tested in Uhm, I don't even remember when.

Then I have to see Dr. Dobrin on Thursday Hoping she has nothing but positive for me.

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