Friday, December 24, 2010

Long time no Blog…Merry Christmas

Well its been a while since I wrote last but its not cause things started going well. I wish that was the case.

I have been BUSY.

We got a lot of school done with Lauren and were making progress, so you would figure I would have to have something go wrong.

We had some financial things happen, our unemployment ended in November, but I didn't tell anyone except a really good facebook friend when exactly it was ending, I have barely been to church since smells and noise are making me really sick, so I really don't know other than I prayed for God to provide, and Church called and offered some gift cards to a local store to help with some of the cash needs.

Then as my Ankle was healing I thought I was losing it, my stomach started getting really really sick, I wasn't sure what it was, last week, December 16, 2010, I woke up very ill, my head had been increasing exponentially, my ankle hurt really bad, (I know a break can cause nausea to be really bad) and my stomach was in Really bad pain, so I was totally lost, I ended up going to see my doctor, when I couldn't keep even water down. She wanted me admitted, So she gave me a shot for pain and a shot for nausea, and sent me to the hospital in the morning, I went to the ER Friday morning, I really wish I hadn't waited though…the ER doc didn't believe I was as sick as I was, and I spent THREE days in the Observation unit.

I had an Abdominal CT scan, slightly abnormal (showed something with my gall bladder) Had an abdominal Ultrasound, no gall stones, but it showed a polyp in my gall bladder, then they sent me to the Observation unit for the night NPO til I saw the GI specialist… I also saw the on call neuro, whom I am ignoring until I see Dr. Rossi on January 6th since she made NO sense whatsoever. The GI's PA came in immediately after the neuro left, I don't remember her name, but she examined me, asked a lot and I mean A LOT of questions, and pushed all over my abdomen, my belly wasn't happy to begin with, and her pushing on it really really hurt. It was the first time we realized that the pain wasn't really as localized as I originally thought, which was both a good thing and a bad thing. The ER doc didn't even notice that it was further because he didn't really check around. (My doc was very upset about the ER's care, she said if I had been discharged within 24-48 hours, she wouldn't have been so upset, but 3 days I should have been on a floor)

Well she called Dr. Wille, the Gastroenterologist on call, and he wanted to do an EGD, or Upper Endoscopy, I don't remember anything beyond the prep, and him telling me he found gastritis, and that he would talk to me in the morning…he then had me try a liquid diet to eat again.

When I saw Dr. Wille Sunday morning, he was still concerned about the intense pain, it was coming and going, not constant but intense on and off, especially after meals, VERY Hot, Very cold, I paid dearly for my first taste of real food, a popsicle (but my dry mouth didn't care) room temp was the best but still coming back, so I am on Reglan before meals, Zofran and Phenegran alternating as needed for other nausea…Prilocec before meals, and I have been taken off my lasix, Dr. Dobrin put me back on 20mg since I had upped it to 80 and they pulled me off completely.

He ordered a HIDA scan on Sunday, I was told it was normal in the hospital, by the nurses, but Dr. Dobrin said it showed Biliary Dyskinesia, and the labs showed something else, I have to talk to Dr. Wille about both Dec 29th as he will be the one primarily treating both. She was happy I liked him because she thought the follow up with him was very important. He had already left for the day by the time I got back from the HIDA scan, it was almost 6pm.

I came home on Monday, still not eating still feeling great but feeling much better than Thursday. When I started eating real food again, I started having trouble again, I felt so discouraged, but we will keep learning how to do things.

This new problem was not part of my plan, I am used to my head pain, but the belly pain was way more than I was able to deal with, and not being able to keep things down made my head worse, on top of everything else, NOW…I have my wonderful toradol staring at me and I cant take anything for my pain because it will aggravate my stomach which we have NO idea what caused it to be inflamed and swollen Gastritis wasn't my plan. Biliary Dyskinesia, wasn't my plan, and the blood results, were DEFINITELY not part of my plan, but God has a bigger plan, and even though right now, I can NOT see it, he is still in control of this mess.


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