Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Brain is causing me issues, If it worked right, I would not NEED to be writing this blog today

This is getting ridiculous. I wasn't bothered by IH affecting JUST my life, but what seeing it interrupt so many right now is getting old.

I know I have neglected my blog this month, it has been a LONG rough month.

I don't even recall the last entry, sad as that may sound, I do know I saw my Neuro, we upped my Lasix to 60 then 80mgs a day, and changed my anti nauseas to Phenegran the pharmacy and I had a good go round I just got those today almost 3 weeks later THEN, lol, I saw my Gyn, we discussed the Therachoice Endometrial Ablation to stop my obnoxious messed up menstrual cycles.

Then I had a mini black out the drop attacks I have at home all the time IN HER OFFICE That was kinda scary, I thought, yes I said THOUGHT, I sprained my ankle, LOL, The emphasis being on the word thought. Today I had my follow up for my plantar faciitis with my podiatrist I happened to mention the ankle twist to him, Hmmm, he checked it, thinking I was right it was just a sprain but x-rayed to be sure, we were both kinda stunned to learn I chipped the fibula and now am an a stupid CAM boot for 6-8 weeks for it to heal, which means, HAHA, I can't wear it to drive, so I am changing it a zillion times in and out, if I am going to be ON it.

My Brain is such a pain in the butt, If it worked I wouldn't have blacked out for that third of a second and lost my balance to twist and break my ankle to need all this.

He said and I thought he was over reacting…it will make your left leg hurt more, your back and neck hurt too, and you may notice pain in other places because of where the break is, and wearing the boot will hinder your balance even more…I was thinking, he is exaggerating so if it bugs me a little, I wouldn't be surprised.

Making dinner, I literally came to the couch and cried for 30 minutes, the pain wearing the boot was unbearable, I think I would rather deal with the break and walking on it barefoot, or the pain of reinjuring it over and over again, seeing how it didn't hurt for a few hours after. My back had been bothering me, but the boot made the back, neck, head and left leg literally unbearable.

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