Friday, February 25, 2011

I have been SO bad about keeping up

Oh my goodness this has been a Chaotic couple of weeks. Our finances have been the Pits, and when I say the pits, let me put it this way, Chris's unemployment stopped in November so we have been surviving off of my disability, $700 a month and our Lot rent is $468 and our Mortgage is $169 you do the math to figure out the rest of the bills…and YES we are responsible for Gas, Electric, Phone, internet, Car insurance, fuel for the car, etc, plus I have had bukus of doctor appointments, including my surgical follow up and a stress test.

Needless to say, it has been VERY VERY stressful. I attempted to apply for aid, but its not going to work, they want Chris to do way more than what is feasible with me being so sick I have been doing much worse due to the stress, and they are expecting him to practically quit school only allowing him 4 of the 18 hours school says he NEEDS for study time plus seat time, then they expect him to "volunteer" for 26 hours plus job search at jobs that are NOT available…He has been job hunting for the last 2 and a half years, there is not 26 hours of jobs available in our county per week. We found 6 worth applying for, he is not going to apply for things he is not qualified for in any way, and he is not going to apply for stuff that he has already applied for…needless to say, He has no experience in a lot of things, and where his skill set is he is applying…but for what the state was going to be giving us to help, they were not going to be giving us $3 an hour for him to do this "work search" and he was losing a lot anyhow.

Plus I have more doctors appointments next week as well Those cost him hours, I Need him to help with my being sick I have been having more dizzy spells and such and am having my gallbladder out on Wednesday…but feel so nervous and excited too. I have been so sick lately that I just hope it helps.

Lately my head has been acting up more than Humanly imaginable, and my dizziness and nausea has been ridiculous, I have had trouble seeing and just been totally having a lot of difficulty but I am not sure if its worse cause of the stress or because my pressure is high.

I saw Dr. Masters yesterday…lets just say I now know WHY the ablation didn't happen, I am not upset anymore, she tried for over an hour, the instrument that gets the balloon up to the uterus was too short and she tried several different tips. Basically I have a very HIGH uterus. We are going to Try an Implanon, I have to call Jenny on Monday afternoon to make sure they have one coming in or in the office… the Implanon can have a variety of responses, my bleeding can be lighter, stop completely, or heavier, if and only if it gets heavier, we will be discussing going to a different specialist for a robotic hysterectomy, because I can not do more hormones and this has been ongoing since I was 13, I would have been more than happy to have had one done from the get go, but, she wanted to wait on that as a last resort.

Well, I am totally overwhelmed I am Glad God is in control, because if he wasn't, life wouldn't work, no matter what. Praying Chris gets one of the jobs he is applying for and God provides the money we need to get us through.


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