Saturday, March 12, 2011

When is enough enough?

Well let me see, in the last what 2 weeks since my post we have had a TON of stuff happen.

Chris officially did drop out of the Michigan Works work first program in favor of actually LOOKING for a job that fits his schedule (not to mention the price of gas hit $3.57 a gallon, so we cannot afford for him to be out searching for jobs in person…especially when they tell you go apply online anyhow)

We are applying for subsidized housing, it's not going to be comfortable, it will be small but we will do what it takes to make this WORK for us. Right now it is more important to be together as a family than to worry about space issues.

I had the Implanon placed on March 1st, my arm is still bruised and a bit sore, I also had another injection for the plantar fasciitis this is the second one, he used a stronger steroid this time, its 2 weeks and it still hurts, but not near as bad and it took close to a week or so before it started bothering me again, his next attempt will be with a cold laser, whatever that means.

On March 2nd, I had my gallbladder out, I had NO COMPLICATIONS with the surgery itself, BUT, I did have issues with pain management and coming out of anesthesia, and had to stay overnight because my body refused to cooperate

When I walked the halls both the night of surgery and the 3 tries on Thursday I had massive issues with dizziness to the point where my telemetry unit set off the monitors and nurses were called, my oxygen would drop and I was having a REALLY hard time.

I am still getting the bad dizzy spells, and now my headaches are totally and completely out of control as well.

I see Dr. McIntosh on Thursday next week and am hoping to find out if the nausea I am still having is due to the gallbladder or something else.

I know he won't have answers for my head. Dr. Rossi, who I see on the 22nd will have to deal with that. But, I have hit my break point, I cant handle any more right now.

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