Friday, February 4, 2011

Well, we have dates, yes, you read right DATES TWO different dates

I am still having some of the same surgeries done, but I am scrapping the tubal for now, I did some more homework on the Implanon and Chris and I have been abstaining anyhow, plus, well, long story short, I am not in the mood to wait three months to get my gallbladder out, it's causing WAY too much pain in the here and now.

So…Monday morning when Linda, Dr. McIntosh's scheduler called me to let me know what was what…I was not too thrilled and she told me to call Carol, Dr. Masters' scheduler…which I had to wait til I got home to do, as I was out when she called, basically, Dr. Masters is at Beaumont every other Friday and Dr. McIntosh is there only one Friday a month, but EVERY Tuesday, Wednesday and alternating Thursday mornings. Friday is his surgical day elsewhere (he also does surgery one day a month at Detroit Receiving and St. Johns, and alternating Thursday mornings he is at the outpatient center. (He is chief of surgery at Beaumont where I will be having mine done though)

Anyhow…His Friday and Her Friday did not come together til the END of April, Uhm, I know that COULD work, but not for me, especially since I had been spotting AGAIN, this on again off again stuff is getting old…and well the stomach not tolerating any food without two anti-nausea meds is getting even older.

So, I cancelled the tubes, we will TRY the Implanon, if it doesn't agree with my liver levels (my levels are currently behaving) and My body seems to like the low levels of progesterone at all times, so…I am willing to give it a go, it can be removed if it doesn't agree with me, and I trust my doctor, and she works really closely with my other docs too, so if it doesn't go well, There is my PCP and Neuro RIGHT THERE, and when I say right there, they are in the same office…but we will be having the Ablation done with a D&C and Hysteroscopy done Next Friday (unless her earlier case gets me bumped) February 11th.

THEN, after a 3 ½ hour clearance appointment today with Dr. Dobrin, have I mentioned how much I LOVE my primary care doc? I have my tentative clearance for my gallbladder on March 2nd with Dr. McIntosh…now Why was my clearance appointment so long? I was asking myself the same question, my primary doc did a lot of things my old doc NEVER did. He said he should or could or would do them, but never did. She did them. She wanted a chest x-ray, EKG, pulmonary function test, Lab work, she went over the results before I was allowed to leave…since my white count was high, she wanted a urinalysis, and MORE blood work (which unfortunately couldn't be drawn off what she already had had drawn, so they had to poke me again, not a fun thing for someone who only has ONE good vein, but the tech got it first poke TWICE)

Now, I tell you, I love my PCP. She is VERY thorough. She saw I was in pain, she went over my entire history, my med changes since our last visit, ironically I saw her December 17th, December 23rd, and actually had med changes to report from a little over ONE month since our last meeting (I see her way more often than I have ever seen any primary doc, and I see a gazillion specialists as well)

I saw my Podiatrist yesterday, My broken ankle is officially Healed (sort of) the bones are almost consolidated, however the ligaments and tendons will probably give me grief for a LONG time, he said it could take close to a year for them to heal properly. So now we are back to treating the plantar fasciitis we shall see how that goes, right now my whole body hurts, so I am just resting, but the legs need to adjust to being done with the boot too.

Then today I could have danced a jig and kissed my endocrinologist. Yes, he had VERY good news. Ok, my diabetes isn't gone, but it's VERY VERY well controlled, as in Uhm, I can cut down my Metformin well controlled. My HbA1C was 5.1, Very GOOD, My Cholesterol and Triglyceride numbers were all pretty good too, the Bad Cholesterol would be good if it wasn't for the diabetes, Grr, so if it wasn't for me being on meds to control my sugars L All of My Cholesterol numbers would be what he calls good. He is not putting me on new meds for them though because my liver is a big concern even though my liver function tests he runs showed good…but with my other liver issue, which I did let him know about Dr. Wille's findings (he likes me seeing Dr. Wille) he does not want to cause any more damage to my liver from medications.

It is so funny hearing over and over again, with that, you know you should not drink any alcohol or smoke, and I just giggle, I have had a grand total of TWO, yes, TWO alcoholic drinks in my life, I am 34, both of them were strawberry daiquiri's one of them I was under aged and it was a goof up and I had two sips and had it sent back to get the virgin kind, the second I was 25 and had just lost our first child, after the miscarriage we went out and I was so depressed Chris took me to Karaoke night to try to cheer me up, it didn't work. I saw too many pregnant people drinking and that made me mad. Ironically we were pregnant a few months later and now have a beautiful 8 year old one and ONLY child, and I am completely happy with her being an only child…the smoking I have never and will never try, I don't even like being around second hand smoke.


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