Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Off to the OR we go, just don’t know when yet

On Monday I spent the day seeing doctors, I started off with my GYN and an ultrasound in the morning. I have been there every 1-2 months since August. It's a good thing I like her. Well we have been discussing an endometrial ablation to deal with abnormal bleeding since the beginning. She also wants to do a D&C and we were debating on additional birth control since the ablation does not guaranty sterility we had discussed the Implanon progestin only implant (which interacts with a few of my meds and I didn't like the idea of) and a tubal ligation which I had requested, she hesitated since its more invasive, but that kind of changed when she found out I was going to be seeing a general surgeon in the afternoon to see about removing my gallbladder.

She felt that working with the general surgeon and using the same initial ports as he uses she should be able to do the tubal at the same time he does the Gallbladder and then she will do the D&C and ablation after.

When I saw the general surgeon later Monday afternoon he hesitated, but felt the risk of 2 anesthesias were greater than the risk of infection. So now they are coordinating and I wait as they are scheduling to get me scheduled and taken care of. I should be ready to go soon. I am a cross between nervous and excited. Hopefully my pain will go away. Right now, I am feeling totally run down, and I have lots going on super stressed with lots of stress going on.

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