Saturday, March 26, 2011

Well what do I know???

Is it sad to say the answer is NOT MUCH?

My last post was before I saw Dr. McIntosh my surgeon who took out my GallBladder…well, He is Not sure what is causing my nausea, I see him again April 18th We will decide what to do based off of if the nausea has improved or not by then…so far, lets just say, it has NOT.

He however decided that he would get hurt, so any of my friends who DO read my blog can keep him in your prayers, and all of his patients for patience, because they will need it, he broke his ankle and will be out of the OR for a minimum of the remainder of March and ALL of April to allow him healing time, he has pins in his ankle and everything. Poor guy is using a knee scooter to get around, its not easy on him and I am sure its not going to be easy to get back to doing his job the way he is USED to doing it either. This is not his Ideal way of doing things. He is still amazing and I feel truly blessed that I was referred to him.

On Tuesday…I saw Dr. Rossi, that appointment lasted over 45 minutes. Lets just say I walked out with a follow up in June, a script for an EEG, she also wants to do an ambulatory EEG if the 1hour one at the office does not show anything, upped Amitriptilyne and A REFERRAL to University of Michigan Headache pain management Center Dr. Cooper, AHHHH, I am a cross between Nervous and excited.

On one hand, seeing Dr. Cooper means I will be seeing one of the BEST in Michigan for headaches, on the Other, it means, she can NOT work with getting my head under control. She also did an Occipital Nerve Block to try to work on the Nerve pain in the back of my neck, it took about 18 hours to kick in, and lasted about 18 hours, but it did actually knock my pain down about 40% for that 18 hours, in my neck, so the two shots were worth it. Not comfortable or fun, but when you have had zero relief at all in weeks and you keep having to re-evaluate where TEN is, its really hard.

I love her to pieces though because she understands that. She gets me, she knows I am her most complicated patient with IH, and its ok…she is going to learn how to deal with this, and be able to know what to do the next time it comes around.

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