Monday, March 28, 2011


OK, I am officially exasperated. My head is MEAN!!

I Figured I would get a few good days from my nerve block, uhm, less than 2, but I didn't have high hopes of that working…my pressure is obviously high though because the last two days my vision has been blurring and I have had to have my screen magnified to READ. Even then sometimes it would blur out.

My nausea has been quite a bit worse as well. Of course I am nearly out of BOTH the zofran AND the reglan the two meds that helped with my nausea.

I have been keeping myself busy working on the IH prayer list with Brooke, on Facebook, this gives me great joy, I love praying for the people as I do the list, and it really gives me something to look forward to doing. Its very important to me, and I am so glad she asked me to be a part of it.

Today I worked hard around the house, I folded 4 baskets of laundry, washed a load of dishes and made dinner, for me that is more than I ever get done, and my am I paying for it, my whole body is shaking. I finished almost 3 hours ago and my body is still not happy with me. I will be fine, but it's amazing how unhappy a weak body can be.

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