Sunday, April 24, 2011

My rescheduled appointments turned out to be a VERY long week

I spent the majority of this past week visiting my doctors. I had 3 appointments on Monday and one on Friday.

But let's go back I saw Dr. Kachan before my last entry He did yet another plantar fasciitis injection, I am not even sure this one took, I am guessing I had maybe a week or so but I didn't get any real rest time cause I had too much going on. So it was my fault…I don't remember when it started hurting really bad again cause I had too much else going on. That's on me.

On the 11th, I had my hospital follow up with Dr. Dobrin, she wants me to see Dr. Weiner, a Bariatric surgeon who specializes in the digestive system…uhm, well…that's gonna have to wait I will eventually get there, I have too much else going on right now. I will schedule it though, eventually, I have NO interest in the surgery anymore, I just have too many health issues that I really do not feel it's the best idea. (and the docs that are dealing with my digestive system are not mentioning it, so I don't think it's a good idea) so, I will call but I will put it way off

Well…I had my EEG, they did the photo part, I have never had that, I never want to have it again either… I saw Dr. Masters, my period lasted 19 days (since it was so long and painful, she wants an ultrasound in a month (May 17th) and I saw Dr. McIntosh, he was very happy with my progress, but All three, Drs. Dobrin, Masters and McIntosh wanted me to go back to see Dr. Wille because of the constant Nausea, Constipation, and Diarrhea as well as just plain overall lack of eating (I have lost almost 30lbs since August, no big deal, except most of it came in the last 2 months, and that's twice as fast as I should really be losing)

So I called Dr. Wille, they wanted me to see a PA, I was not comfortable with that, I was willing to wait til May to see him, his receptionist emailed him, and he responded within 24 hours working me into his schedule in literally 1 week, so I saw him on Friday, he wants to do both a gastric emptying study and a colonoscopy, neither are fun, but he decided the colonoscopy first because if it comes back abnormal he may not have to do the gastric emptying, but the other way around, well, he doesn't have that luxury, he would still have to do both.

So that is scheduled and the prep will NOT be fun, but I am barely eating, so I should not struggle too bad, its 3 days of liquid diet for me, (most people only get 24 hours, but I am blessed with 3 days of liquid diet thanks to the extensive constipation crap.

So While April was hectic, I still have one appointment, I see the cardiologist on Wednesday J

May will be even Busier.

Dr. Kachan May 4th

Grandma's Birthday May 5th

May 9th The NEW doctor Dr. Maltese head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

May 11th follow up with Dr. Dobrin

May 16th Dr. Simone

May 17th Dr. Masters

May 24th Colonoscopy with Dr. Wille

And May 25th most important day in the world…our TENTH anniversary

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