Thursday, April 28, 2011

I saw the Nurse Practioner at the cardiologists office yesterday…Cheryl Vincent, she wants me to have a carotid ultrasound (scheduled for Monday) and wear a monitor for a few weeks to see if we can find an arrhythmia that may be causing the dizziness and drop spells. She is also having me see Dr. Kutinsky on June 14th when she has had time to read the monitor.

I have to see a pulmonologist too, they want to verify that this issues isn't with my lungs causing issue…Well, they just called me. My appointment is May 4th; it was a cancellation, not with the doc they recommended but another in the practice. I only hope he is as good as my other docs, I don't care for my sleep pulmonologist, and I didn't like my other pulmonologist either, it doesn't seem to be a specialty I like, but I need to breathe and it needs to be easier. I wish it was with Dr. Allen instead of Dr. Galens but we shall see how this one goes.

So I will have to make a list of all of my doctors, I have almost lost track of all of my doctors, I have more docs and meds than I know what to do with the numbers just keep growing too.

I need to have faith that all the doctors together are going to get to the bottom of this though.

Dr. Wille is sending me to PM&R, Dr. Bowers wanted me to see Dr. Kutinsky, and pulmonology (so He sent me to his partner another Cardiologist and Dr. Galens is the pulmonologist) and Dr. Dobrin wants me to see a Bariatric Surgeon to discuss how my GI issues may be causing some of these pains since he also specializes in GI surgeries (Dr. McIntosh also does GI surgeries, but he doesn't agree with Bariatric Surgery, and I don't either, long story short, you can't take anti-inflammatory meds and Toradol is an anti-inflammatory so I would lose one of my big gun pain meds as well as losing the ability to eat a lot of choice foods, it gives you a challenge to eat less, which I do already, and research tells me that a lot of my problems won't go away.

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