Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Hmm, Where Have I been?

I would love to tell you that my appointment this morning with Dr. Masters went great, and my EEG was a piece of cake, but uhm, I had to cancel them both, I will reschedule them in the morning…WHY did I have to cancel them? Last Tuesday night, I started having Chest pains, yep, Very bad chest pain right under the left breast near the rib cage. Not like a heart attack but not normal either, I called my doctor, she had left for the day, I was going to wait it out til Thursday morning and see her then, but it was bringing me to tears and Chris said no. So off to the ER we went. NOT how I planned on spending my time, little did I know I was going to be there for SIX days. I was admitted on Wednesday night about 11pm and came home at 3pm Monday.

Atypical Chest pain, turns out it was a bowel obstruction and a Heart issue and probably a pulmonary issue too…goodness gracious, I did not see pulmonary I will follow up with them from the office (my PCP was actually the doctor I saw in the hospital, Thanking GOD, I got MY doctor, I love her to pieces.)

So…I get to the ER, I get an EKG immediately, get triaged, wait for a room in the cardiac wing, lalalala, good thing I wasn't having a heart attack, lol. They take me back, I had almost no wait for the doctor, he was a jerk, but I guess it comes with the territory, he just was not very thorough, He listened to my heart and lungs, but nothing else, did not check to see if it could be anything else, DID NOT touch me. I was hooked to a heart monitor (which went off everytime I dozed off (since my heart rate dropped too low)

They did a chest xray, chest CT, and Dopler ALL before I got pain meds of ANY kind. Then I got ONE dose of Morphine and Zofran, followed by a dose of toradol later. And NOTHING at all til I got moved (see why doc was a jerk) my doc took over my case, bless her soul, when she found out my pain meds were every 6 hours she said morphine every 3hours, and added in Lortab if needed, as well as Toradol 8 hours around the clock and Fentanyl patch, so my pain was VERY well managed from then on out, I think I needed two more doses of the morphine after the Fentanyl went on.

She ordered a Picc line for my CT of the abdomen, they were looking for what was causing what she now determined to be upper left quadrant pain (the GI's Physician Assistant was absolutely worthless (and if I get a bill from the GI doctor, they are getting turned in to medicare for Fraud) He didn't see me and she didn't help me, I was very angry, and my blood pressure showed it.

Dr. Beyers, the Cardiologist, at least recommended I follow up with Dr. Kutinsky his electrophysiologist and see if she cant help get my heart and brain on the same page. He referred to her is their electrical specialist, he said she could help even though I didn't show any signs of arythmias. I am not quite sure how but he said she specializes in dizziness and shortness of breath and lightheadedness, so she would be their goto person for that…Sounds fun.

So, I left the hospital, My period started, I don't know how long it will lasts, if it goes past Thursday, I get to talk to Dr. Masters about a hysterectomy, cause its too long, (which is ok by me, I want the bugger out, I cramped for 2 weeks before it started, then I get to talk to Dr. Dobrin about referrals to Pulmonology, cardiology, and I have my podiatry appointment, I need to make an appointment with a dentist too, oh and an appointment with Dr. Wille, MY gi doc, since what happened is we did 2 doses of Miralax, 2 doses of Colace, and nothing, so she decided it was Enema time (soap suds and I HATED it, it HURT) anyhow it WORKED, but I still NEVER want to do it again, but since it's the 3rd time I have dealt with major constipation and last time it was bad before but this time I had not been on pain meds so this time I really don't know.

I am glad to be home though. Sleep with my own stuff. Sounds and we will be doing our own errands. I missed being home.

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