Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I guess it wasn't meant to be

But God has much wiser plans, Right now, I just wish I knew what they were :-)

In a way I think its good that I didn't get the job, my pain has been completely unbelievable this last week and I am absolutely in shock at how bad its been, I never expected it to make me have trouble sitting for mere minutes or standing that long either. My still time has been limited to less than a half hour without multiple ups and downs and wiggles and the pain is just rediculous.

I am learning lots in school, unfortunately now I doubt I would get a full time job after graduation without some major changes in my health, its been that bad.

In my Biology class I am actually above average, YAY.
In my other classes we havent gotten grades yet.

Next week is the first time to call the attorney about disability, I will talk to my Rheumatologist about it Tuesday.

Outside of pain, life has been busy, Lauren had a playdate with a family from church, I am so grateful for them, this family is going through lots of struggles too and I feel so bad for them, but Gods grace is sufficient for us both. Her mom and I have become good friends and Lauren and Faith are as close as I have ever seen two little girls, its amazing. I love seeing them together.

Chris has an interview today.

And thats where our family stands this week, oh and we may be adding some school curriculum for Lauren, I saw a handwriting program up close and really liked it, so we shall see.

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