Sunday, March 1, 2009

CPAP Stinks

Ok, it doesn't stink, this new pressure does, and if I don't adjust soon, I am calling and they are going to have to adjust it again, 17 it very high, and its hard to breath, my headaches have been much worse at the higher pressure and I am not sure if its due to the pressure of the machine, the stress level of disability process, or the fact that its just plain getting to be about the time for another spinal tap.

I am praying I don't need to seek an attorney (I already have one) to get the disability, I am sick and tired of not feeling good and I just need a break.

Tonight I start the higher dose of Topamax, I am so nervous, I have read so much about side effects and I had nasty side effects on diamox to the point of having to be taken back off right away (less than 2 months) but if it helps the headaches, I am almost willing to endure side effects to not feel like death warmed over daily.

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