Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Oh Gee, Where do I start

...pain has been out of control in the heat, stress is abundant, but all in all God is Good, he has made things happen that didn't think were possible.

Monday we are going to can peaches with a friend. She has never canned before so I am going to have fun showing her and letting her taste the results. We will only do one or two canner loads.

School has kept us busy, although I think Lauren is going to be doing way more than a book a month if I don't find a way to slow her down...I don't really want to do that, so we will likely be adding in more stuff. She did a whole weeks worth of work almost again and its only Tuesday.

This week I hope to get to the fair too, I love the Armada country fair. I love seeing the animals and exhibits.

Tired now, my head is getting worse I think I am gonna head to bed early tonight.

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