Sunday, August 9, 2009

What a week

Lets see, Last Saturday we brought home a sweet kitten, she isn't so sweet anymore, she is full of mischief but we still love her and she is growing on Zeke too, the 9 year old catten of the house.

Tuesday we had our new fridge delivered, LOVE IT!! it beeps when its not shut all the way and so filling it was kinda annoying because it took a while to transfer everything. THe freezer is wonderful, its packs alot and is actually a little larger than my chest freezer, go figure. Its 6.3 cubic feet and the chest is 5 cubic feet.

Friday we went shoppin to really fill it, I haven't done shoppin like that in a while since my old fridge FROZE things and the freezer couldn't keep things frozen.

I am still recovering from that. Saturday they came and picked up the old fridge, the cash for clunkers cars program has a similar program for fridges and air conditioners...needless to say we were happy to see them come get this beast, the $50 will be directly applied to our electric bill.

I was even able to cook at home last night.
Today its hotter than all get out, feels like temp was 108 after church and actual was about 98...too hot for me.

My pain levels have been extremely rediculously our of contorl. I guess thats what its going to be like til I get in to see a surgeon that wants to FIX these problems.

The kittens are now getting along pretty good, They play and sleep together now, they are very sweet together. Ebony is full of energy though and today has not been good to her.

Overall, I am tired and life has been hectic.

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