Thursday, August 6, 2009

Rearranging while handicapped

Ok, its been 18 months and the bug has bit me to CHANGE things in our house, A few weeks ago I bought Easy Sliders furniture movers, Hmm, they will get a work out as I make room for everythin to have a home once again.

DTE will be collecting my old fridge on Saturday and we think we may have figured out how to hook up our icemaker without drilling into the water pipe (a trip to HD is in order)

So far though I LOVE my new fridge, tomorrow though, it will get the true test as it gets stocked with Food for our family.

I haven't had that urge to grocery shop in ages, it just takes too muchout of me. I have many things I need though, and a meal plan of sorts in the making, we are trying a Bariatric surgery post op diet until I can schedule my appt with the endocrinologist.

I have my scale now, my measuring cups, and now its time to start cooking agian...Wish me luck, my body has not liked being upright for long.

I have to find foods I can cook in bulk for the week...but not beyond that. I usually have the energy to cook one day a week the rest of the week I struggle like mad to get anything at all done.

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