Tuesday, August 25, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow

Ugh, Fall Semester at school starts tomorrow. Somehow after last semester I am not looking forward to it nearly as much as I was in the Winter. I think part of me just thinks its going to be VERY hard on my system. I was doing so-so before I started school and went downhill rapidly after I started in January.

This semester, I am taking one online and one on campus class...Both start tomorrow. Ethics and Marketing. Ethics is on campus...so its a bit more stressful. We are homeschooling full time, we started 2 weeks ago and she is on her first break this week...til Thursday, but Thursday we are picking up some homeschool books (molly from the American Girls collection, or any other american girl...we will likely read through the whole series this semester and next)

Monday through Thursday for Lauren, and I will keep one day free from here on out. We may pick up a PE at the Y from Port Huron. I will talk to a friend and learn more about it....we will also be incorporating field trips....busy busy busy.

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