Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Another Busy Day Gone By

Technically there are NOT two posts today, if this gets up before midnight it's a fluke, if not, "Choices" was still written yesterday, lol Blogger decided it wanted to be down when I was trying to post, since I use Word to do my posts and publish from here it didn't get posted til today. Oh well.

Today was interesting… This morning I had our finance appointment with my doctor's office (we are on a sliding fee scale, income based, but I LOVE going there anyhow) when I got home, I went into the master bedroom to rest, I felt worn out from a single activity and so I wanted to spend a few minutes refocusing because I knew Chris wanted to spend some time as a family, we don't get a lot of that, even with him home…he is busy looking for work and trying to stay occupied, and I am busy dealing with Lauren (and napping because my body gets worn out too easily)

So we went out and did some stuff together and then came home and rested again, Lauren decided it was the perfect time to practice her defiance act…I admit we are dealing with a lot of this as a control issue rather than anything else, likely due to a few issues, but today it made me more upset than normal, so we put her to work and then sent her to her room while I napped. We went to Kroger together just her and I earlier and she enjoyed that time so I had hoped that she would see that she can be good and get attention without it always being negative…

She takes so much out of me when she does not listen and has her attitude issues. Tonight her fit was very different, I felt different and Chris felt it too. We weren't sure why, but this time when she was sent to bed early she was given NO opportunity to disobey, every process she had to do she was followed including being sat with and read to in her room for an hour…usually we allow her quiet reading time before sleep, but we find she moves around on the bed, flops and gets out of it, not tonight, she had a LITTLE choice in reading material, but not much, and a lot of discussion. She is growing up and I think it's finally time… We read a few short stories from a regular book…but then we discussed why obedience is SO important.

Then we talked about attitudes, and pulled out a book that last time we tried reading she was Too young to grasp, Elsie Dinsmore, Yep, good ole Elsie crept back on our shelves, and this time we had a long talk about why Elsie is the way she is. It was really good, I want to see Lauren blossom I want her to learn to have the Character of Elsie Disnmore, that 9 year old who honored God above all and took the bible at its word. Now yes, we understand some things differently, but those, we can explain and work with, however, she also grasps that the books are OLD FASHIONED and kinda freaked out thinking I wanted her to be old fashioned, lol, and breathed a huge sigh of relief when I explained what I meant when I wanted her to be more like Elsie and how she honored Jesus in her life, kind of like a heroine. She felt better when I explained that the original books were written 142 years ago so the times have definitely changed a LOT since then.

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