Thursday, August 12, 2010

From my Hospital Bed

On Tuesday I gave up. I had every intention of going to the DMC but God had other plans… and now I know why.

We called Chris's parents to watch Lauren, first his mom since she is closer to Detroit, but no answer, and no return call, since she NEVER gets to see Lauren we figured this would be the perfect time, but alas, she didn't want to see her this time either, so…where is Lauren? with Chris's Dad most of the days when Chris comes to see me and the first night.

There was No Wait to get a room in the ER, I was very weak and tired, and rated a 3 out of 5 for priority, so right in the middle, The doc that examined me immediately asked permission to admit overnight for observation due to the slew of strange symptoms.

So, I thought that was that, I would meet her Idea of a Neurologist and be sent home on Wednesday, HA HA.

I had my CT in the ER, but that was about all they did. I had to wait til Wednesday fir my spinal tap, to meet the neuro just about everything.

So they take me up to a room on the 5th floor, Medical/Surgical. And here I sit, getting morphine every 2 hours 4ml at a time, and 8ml of Zofran every 8 hours.

The Vampires are here…be back in a few to finish the post.they had to finger draw my blood, but I spilled my meds everywhere. Ahh, meds replaced, breakfast in, praying it stays that way.


Wednesday morning I get this horrible nurse who is trying to withhold pain and nausea meds, it was so bad I did not ask for my meds from 4:30-she went home. I had an LP done first thing Wednesday in interventional radiology he did awesome although ], we have no clue what my pressure was the fluid flowed like a faucet. He went above all of my scar tissue and poked twice, I felt nothing except the fluid draining.

Today they are ready discharge me, but and that's a big but, my pain, must be managed first, the hospitalist wants to stop my Morphine and not replace my iv if it does decide to kick the bucket.

Physical Therapy Evaluation today I better catch a nap




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