Sunday, August 1, 2010

It’s been FOREVER

Okay, I know it has been forever since I last blogged, I don't even remember my last post and my brain isn't working well enough to go look, so this may seem a little redundant, especially to my facebook readers.

Things have been really hard this summer. In late May my neurologist put me on 100mg of Verapamil a Blood Pressure medicine commonly used for headaches, we figured since my blood pressure runs high normal but normal nonetheless it wouldn't hurt, HA!!! Well, it didn't react discovered my arms and legs tingle and hurt ALL the time, and when I say ALL I mean ALL the time. I used to just have bad pain on my left side but now my right side hurts like crazy too, so my whole body hurts all over all the time.

I saw my pulmonologist in June, my Primary care in June, and I was pretty close to fine for both of those appointments. In July however, I started having this weird issue, when my Pain levels went up my lips and mouth turn purplish blue, both when I am awake and asleep. Well, I had JUST seen my docs and had an appointment scheduled to have a stress test done, so I figured I would discuss it with the cardiologist, on July 16th, low and behold I just saw the nurses, and man was that fun, they made me to the treadmill test even though it was pain that got my heart rate up, I have to call Sara on Monday to see if she has gotten the results from that faxed in yet. She is at the bariatric surgeons office.

On July 22nd I saw my neurologist, I figured he was going to schedule a spinal tap because of the immense pain I had been in but nope, he is sending me to Michigan Head and neurological Institute in Ann Arbor, I can't get in there til November, but by golly I will likely end up hospitalized for 2 weeks to see if they can get my pain under control, it almost sounds laughable at this point.

Chris is still unemployed, looking locally and out of state. He will likely be going to finish his degree at a state school somewhere outside of Michigan in Accounting, I am excited, he will finish his associate degree in December unless he gets a job in which case he will finish in May, 4 classes is too much for a working man to take all at once if he gets a full time job, especially here, these teachers forget they are not teaching at a university and expect you to put in close to 40 hours a week on assignments, so he needs to do well so he will be only taking two if he gets a job.

I see my respiratory therapist and endocrinologist on Wednesday and will ask them about the blue lips then. Until then tomorrow we start our new school year and I am already worn out, We are studying State History all 50 states, for History and Geography and some Science, Science is Nature studies based on the location we are studying. Math we are doing Multiplication facts, 4 digit addition and subtraction, as well as fractions and some other concepts we will be expanding Math quite a bit. Handwriting, we are doing Pen Pals with a friend of mine with IH's daughter as well as copy work. Grammar we are going to be learning about Nouns, verbs, pronouns and sentence structure. We will also focus on how to write punctuate.    

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