Saturday, August 28, 2010

It Pays to be Honest

After a rough day of shopping and not being able to complete my list, I got home to discover that the cashier had not rung up my New necessity, Lovely, I had two choices.

We do almost all of our shopping at the local Meijer store, I love their prices and get fantastic deals every time I go in, I used to work for Meijer before Lauren was born (and until she was a year old), so it seems appropriate that I continue to give them a lot of business, I know how the stores work and know what to expect when I shop…

The difference is I get my scripts at Kroger because before I had insurance, they had the $4 plan and I got used to taking care of that there.

My Endocrinology appointment this past Tuesday gifted me with a wonderful chore I am not sure if that is sarcastic or not, it is definitely something that should have been done all along, and I am truly blessed by these new docs.

He gave me a FreeStyle Freedom Lite, blood glucose monitor and officially changed my diagnosis from "pre-diabetes" to type 2 diabetes because my numbers were actually too high and my neuropathy and vision issues qualify me for the diagnosis L Anyhow, my WHOLE sugars are staying in check, but he is guessing its cause I have been on meds for 7 months already, which is PERFECTLY fine by me, they are NOT where he has already made it CLEAR he wants them all the time.

Anyhow how the point of my post, hehe, I had to FINISH my list at Meijer today, I was too tired and worn out yesterday, and when I got home I realized that they did not ring my test strips and lancets (which Medicare only pays for there and Rite Aid (which we will NOT give business to) but in my trying to figure them out, I did not realize they were also Expired, and for the WRONG machine, so I called the manufacturer to ask about it, I was looking all over for an expiration date (turns out the LOT Number IS the expiration date, so I will know for next time…and Abbott is sending me a New box, but, for being honest and PAYING for them at Meijer today anyhow, I got a $5 discount on the rest of my groceries, see it pays to be honest. I could have very easily decided that I didn't want to pay that $17 something or not looked over my receipt, it wouldn't have been hard to miss, I had almost two carts of groceries and other merchandise stocking up for the month. But I did, and I did notice, and we made it right, and you know what, it felt good.

We have a $100 purchase to be made elsewhere plus a new shower head to handicap my bathroom, and its emotional, but I feel knowing that I set a good example for my Lauren to see honesty in action will make an impact when she sees us struggle with this disability on a routine basis. God has been amazing, Right now we have Jobs to look at that for the first time in MONTHS we are finally seeing field jobs that are local, God has provided doctors that are willing to help me instead of being scared of me, and while, it's a work in progress, I am HAPPY with how its moving, my pain levels are all over the place, but I am HAPPY, God is SO good….


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