Monday, November 8, 2010

And We start Anew

Today was busy, Tomorrow will be BUSIER, Wednesday I will sleep ALL DAY, lol, and Thursday I will be TIRED, Friday will be calm after my doctor's appointment.

A glimpse into my week?

Nah, you don't really want that lol.

Ok, well today I started Physical therapy, my poor Physical therapist looked at my script and said BUT there are SIX body parts listed here…uhm yeah….I have a lot going on…we are starting with the neck and working our way down, kinda hoping the neck will fix some of the lower ones by itself.

She agreed.

We started with just heat today, and a list of exercises to do at home, we will probably do traction and massage J I am A wee bit excited about that it felt so good when she found some muscles that HURT all the way down by back and a few that when she pulled on the traction felt GOOD all the way up.

Today also started the Victoza, I was seriously surprised the injection didn't hurt. I was totally prepared for it to hurt, but it didn't. I have 7 days on 0.6, then 7 days at 1.2 then I have to call the office, I will call them to verify this week to reverify his dose anyhow, but I will call AFTER I get the call from the doctors office tomorrow.

Today while I was in PT I got a call from my PCPs office to call and schedule a follow up (I have one set for February, so I am a bit confused, or to return her call, so I returned her call, I have NO clue what is going on, I was JUST there a couple weeks ago, and just in my endocrinologists Nov 2nd)

Needless to say I was a bit confused about this call. I had a hard time with my prescription transfer today too, so I have had a rough day.

Tomorrow I have Physical Therapy at 4:30pm, Sleep Study at 8:30pm Chris will have dinner ready when I get home, THANK you Crock POT. Lauren will do school in the MORNING but she will have all afternoon FREE

Wednesday, I am NAPPING…LOL, Lauren will do school in the afternoon, but she will have the morning free, totally opposite of our NORMAL schedule

Thursday, I have an Eye appointment at 8am, and Lauren will have school MID day, lol then I have Physical Therapy at 4:30…


Friday, I have an 8:45am Podiatry appointment and am CLEAR sailing for the rest of the day, Lauren is off school, if she has completed all of her weeks assignments. I love teaching through the summer for 4 day weeks and having the rare 5 day week…and so does she.

Saturday and Sunday…I am planning on having a GOOD weekend, and praying to feel well enough to get to church again it felt so nice to be there this past week…its been so long.


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