Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An interesting Week…started again

Well, I survived the first week of Physical Therapy, I have to admit Traction REALLY helped A LOT, I was surprised.

When I finished Thursday, I came home feeling pretty positive and encouraged, I felt like I could rule the world. Then Friday happened. I went to see Dr. Kachan, he went over my EMG results, I was a fully prepared for those results, I knew they were normal, or so I thought…The Tarsal Tunnel was normal…but there was NO response at the knee, I have to discuss this with Dr. Rossi since Dr. Young did the EMG I do not understand why I had No response at the knee. She didn't check beyond the foot and ankle for the tibial nerve, so I was not aware of the knee's lack of response. Dr. Kachan ended up doing a corticosteroid shot for Plantar Fasciitis in my heel, I thought I was going to DIE, I have had the steroid shots in my wrist, ankle, and my knee before, but this one was definitely the most painful I have EVER experienced…and unlike the others, it did not get better within hours like the others, this one took ALL day Friday and most of Saturday. I was off of my feet until late Saturday because it hurt so bad, it did give me the ability to wiggle my toes though so it did improve it. Although the relief didn't last long.

I also started the Victoza last week, I took the week of the 0.6mg, then I moved up on Monday to the 1.2mg, I noticed today that I could not finish a burger, I was VERY full and I haven't even taken it yet today. In the first 4 doses I lost 6lbs. I will be weighed again on the 30th, I wonder what the results will be…The nausea isn't as bad as reviewers seem to say. Probably cause I am used to it from my other meds.

We are looking for a new place to live, Unemployment is officially over, Trusting God to provide for our needs, its not an easy task by any means, my disability is NOT enough to cover our bills. I am still very sick regularly, I get a few good days every now and again, but not enough where I could go back to work, today I noticed how bad my eyes are, and I have to admit, it seriously depressed me. I did see the opthamologist last week too, Dr. Simone shared that the reason I don't have papilledema anymore is because my eyes are atrophied so they can not swell, I almost cried, my vision is becoming PERMANENTLY damaged. Its not fair…and I don't do well with that.

Its affecting Lauren, Chris, and even my cats.

Yesterday after physical therapy, I felt good for about an hour, then I hurt ridiculously bad, I don't think it had anything to do with therapy though, I think it was just a bad pain day…because I felt great AT therapy…except my body didn't like leaving…its so weird.

Tomorrow I have an ultrasound and Thursday is another Therapy day…Then some day this week I should be hearing from Beaumont Home Medical to get my machine reset. I wonder what to, my sleep study last week yielded a reset, but I don't know what to.

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