Thursday, November 4, 2010

Well what do we have here?

Well lets see…yesterday I had my EMG, it was NORMAL, Can we say HAPPY? I can. It was an interesting day. I drove out to Rochester to the doctor's office, signed in, was asked which doctor, answer, Dr. Rossi, receptionist says, but you aren't seeing the doctor RIGHT? She isn't here today…Hmm, No she is PERFORMING the EMG… HA, Uhm, She isn't here..Uhm, Uhm…they look it up, I am scheduled with Dr. Young, who do you normally see…Dr. Rossi…I think I just said that…I am growing a cross between concerned, angry and frustrated. I just drove 45 minutes to get here, I have waited 6 weeks for this appointment. The other receptionist that I usually deal with says USUALLY we would have you reschedule but asks me if I mind if Dr. Young does it…I shrug my shoulders, I have seen them both, I met them both in the hospital, I have actually seen MORE of Dr. Young than Dr. Rossi, since I Spent 4 days in the Hospital, and I saw Dr. Young Thursday AND Friday, and Dr. Rossi Just on Wednesday. Now I can officially say I have seen Dr. Young more, lol, again. Dr. Young didn't mind doing the EMG so long as I was ok with her doing it… She gave me the results (she wasn't supposed to…since she isn't my doc…but I AM NOT COMPLAINING)

THEY WERE NORMAL, I will shout it from the rooftops…Its not Tarsal Tunnel So my foot and ankle pain isn't due to Tibial nerve damage!!!!!

Today I was researching the Victoza…Its an interesting medicine. I haven't started it yet, I did get 10 days worth of 1500 calorie meal plans made up so I now know WHEN I am goin to take it, I will have to call the office when I get to the last of the 3 does, or if I have any questions on the med, I will be calling the office next week to find out exactly how long before he wants me to change doses because I don't see more directions in the box, and my memory isn't that great, I know there isn't enough to make it to the next appointment either…so I will definitely have to call and ask.

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