Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Good News?

Let me begin here, today I saw My Podiatrist, He is AMAZING. I love having doctors that listen. Two weeks ago when I went in I had a second break in my ankle, I came home depressed and in tears, it had been 5 weeks and I was expecting to move into an air cast because that's what he had said he expected before. After all it was just a TINY break and in the first place and was healing after two weeks in the boot.

Well when it wasn't I was just devastated, I had gotten so much bad news all at once, I couldn't handle it and was crushed, but I wore the boot for 2 more weeks and this time he had just said he was 95% sure it we would be moving to the air cast this week, guess what, I didn't go in expecting anything, lol, so I wasn't as disappointed either.

He didn't even examine it til we X-Rayed it…No New Breaks, YAY!!! And It IS healing again, VERY SLOWLY, But it is healing. But it was excruciatingly painful today, so he did an injection into the joint to numb it to make it feel better for a while (not long enough, lol, but a while) I love that he listens though.

I left his office and went to the hospital to have my brain MRI done, I prayed before I went in about the IV placement. After Thursdays 7 pokes to get an IV we didn't need I was a bit stressed over this IV. So I prayed and Prayed, Guess what, ONE POKE, I could have hugged the MRI tech. However I am starting to have some irritation to the TAPES they are using, The clear tapes to hold IV's in place have left marks the last two or three times, they think I may be developing an allergy to the tape, Arg, but oh well, if that's all, it's the least of my concerns.


For my few readers: Please Keep Several of my friends in your prayers.

Bobbi is still in the hospital after having a serious reaction to MRI contrast on Monday.

Christy had surgery on her shunt again, hopefully this one lasts a LONG time.

Brooke got some very bad news this morning from her doctor.

Angie's son Noah is very sick and they need lots of prayer.

Little Noah is in the Hospital again in Greenville.

Jen's friend Jeff was killed in a car accident on Monday, He meant a lot to their small community, and this was just one year after he survived another major accident.


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