Thursday, January 13, 2011

Well Today was an INTERESTING day

Sorry about the delays in updates, it has been a hectic few weeks.

Today I had my Tilt Table Test. Let me just state, it was NOT fun.

First, I had a hard time finding a handicap parking spot so I was running late, but I got there the technician who did my Dubutomine stress test this past fall was there and he did this test too, having a familiar face in the room did not make it easier, lol.

They set up the EKG, Blood Pressure cuff, and Pulse Ox, and took a base reading sitting, Boring…

THEN, tried to start an IV, Poke 1 try, Poke 2 tries Poke 3 tries, Call in someone else, Poke, Nope, call anesthesia, lol, you getting the picture, they use Lidocaine, Poke, what are we up to? Uhm yes, 5, 6, Ahh, here we go, 7 tries, and she doesn't think this is going to hold, but that's ok…guess what, all that almost an hour to get a VEIN and we didn't need it…

We begin with a resting laying flat before the tilt reading and here we go, Boring…Blood pressure NORMAL, Heartrate, Looking Good, Pulse Ox, Looking REALLY good…

Uh OH…Hmm

Then they strap me to the table and tilt it 75*

Within 5 minutes, my Blood pressure went through the ROOF, she didn't give me numbers, but my Blood pressure and Heartrate skyrocketed, the room started spinning and my legs started feeling like jello, I was Nauseas and felt like I could just puke everywhere, if I didn't have two rare brain diseases, I could have said this was the worst I had felt, but that would have been a bit much, she said to go with it, but I couldn't help but to breath through it…natural instinct, I guess.

I don't like puking, lol

My blood pressure was really really high and I felt just horrid, I was shaky and my vision was blurred, I guess that's why I needed a driver back home. I was a mess, I am still a bit shakey.

This was a very interesting day…I do not want to go through it again…this isn't fun and I will know in a few days if its something we are going to be investigating further or just what we are doing.


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